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Why Cat Lovers Make Great Online Marketers - A World Cat Day Infographic by Endlessrise

ndlessrise Why Cat Lovers Make Great Online Marketers Cats Inspire Genius It has been said that Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat flap. Sir Isaac Newton Also, he probably formalized his theory on the law of universal gravitation after observing the cat flap fall back into position once his cat had passed through. CH")) L CAT LOVERS ARE GENIUS MARKETERS Cat lovers can create marketing funnels that customers gravitate to. Cat Lovers aren't Judgemental They See Past First Impressions Cats appear to be aloof and indifferent at first. Cat lovers see through this and succeed at winning their cat's trust and affection. CAT LOVERS SEE THROUGH CRANKY CLIENTS They understand that behind the difficult exterior is a frustrated client who badly needs their help. Cats Inspire Creativity Pablo Picasso was a great artist and his love for cats was apparent in his works of art. Pablo Picasso The Dora Maar au Chat (Dora Maar with Cat) is one of the world's most expensive paintings. the cat CAT LOVERS ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING A MARKETING MASTERPIECE Cat lovers can create and assemble marketing pieces into a grand masterpiece that becomes more and more valuable with time. Cat Lovers are Awesome Detectives They Get to the Root of the Problem Even though cats are four-legged enigmas who occasionally exhibit erratic behavior, cat lovers can easily figure them out. CAT LOVERS CAN SOLVE ANY CAMPAIGN ISSUE With detective skills gained from cat-rearing, they can calmly and methodically find the problem and devise a solution. Cats Inspire Exploration and Discovery Edwin Hubble explored the heavens relentlessly, and proved that there are other galaxies beyond our own Milky Way galaxy. Edwin Hubble I NEED YOU TO STAY LATE TONIGHT Edwin Hubble's loyal cat, Copernicus, inspired him to explore the universe and challenge the prevailing view that it consisted entirely of the Milky Way. This led to the discovery of billions of other galaxies. He also discovered that the universe is expanding. And yes, there may be a parallelism between WE REALLY HAVE TO CATCH THAT RED DOT Copernicus redshifts and red dots. CAT LOVERS ARE CAPABLE OF DISCOVERING NEW AVENUES FOR YOUR EXPANSION If an online marketing campaign seems to have reached a dead-end, the cat-loving online marketer is capable of exploring and discovering new markets and new avenues. Cat Lovers are Perceptive They Understand Nuance Cat lovers can discern their cats' moods and thoughts. CALL IT TELEPATHY, BUT CAT LOVERS KNOW WHAT THEIR CLIENTS WANT There are clients who are not good at spelling out what they want. Cat lovers, along with their marketing expertise, have the ability to know the client's wishes intuitively. Cats Inspire Invention and Innovation Nikola Tesla developed the AC power system with the help of his cat. Nicola Tesla At a young age, Nikola Tesla was led by his cat, Macak, to investigate electricity after he observed sparks generated while he was stroking Macak. CAT LOVERS ARE CAPABLE OF PRODUCING ELECTRIFYING MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Tesla Cat Using sparks of innovation, the cat-lover-marketer can direct renewed energy to campaigns and make target audiences lectures on the science of static electricity resonate with the brand. GOAL Cat Lovers are Persevering They Refuse to Give Up It can be difficult to earn a cat's trust. Nevertheless, cat lovers remain undaunted. CAT LOVERS WILL NOT GIVE UP ON CAMPAIGNS THAT HAVE GONE AWRY Cat lovers often apply the same diligence and patience to their online marketing campaigns. Cat Lovers Tend to Take More Risks Thanks to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii – from Cats! One-third of humans have Toxo parasites as pets inside their brains. It is known to specifically infect brain cells related to fear and pleasure; it tricks the brain into taking more risks by inducing the increased production of dopamine. Some studies also show that Toxo contributes to some forms of neuroticism. THE CAT-LOVING MARKETER WOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE BIG RISKS WITH THEIR CLIENTS Yes, they would. Especially if they've got Toxo. The caveat is, the client could be dealing with a really crazy marketer. But hey, geniuses are a crazy bunch. Cat Lovers are Great Strategists They Can Liven Things Up Without Upsetting their Furry Companions Cats hate changes in their routine. A cat person will need to apply strategic thinking if they want to implement changes into their cats' lives seamlessly. CAT LOVERS KNOW HOW TO INTRODUCE NOVEL CHANGES WITHOUT UPSETTING CLIENTS Cat lovers are capable of prompting curiosity, agitation and engagement through the marketing campaigns they manage. Cat People are More Intelligent than Dog People No offense to dog people! Live Science and CNET reported a study made by Denise Guastello - associate professor of psychology at Carroll University in Wisconsin. The study shows that: Cat lovers scored higher than dog lovers on measures such as introversion, open-mindedness, and sensitivity. Dog people, apparently, are just lively conformists looking for a good time. They were deemed more energetic and outgoing, as well as more likely to follow rules. OK. SO CAT LOVERS ARE MORE INTROVERTED, OPEN-MINDED, SENSITIVE, CRAZY GENIUSES. who can help their clients pounce on their target customers through online marketing. So are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you think cat lovers make purrfect online marketers? What other attributes did we miss? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below. Credits: Grumpy Cat Meme Tesla Cat Meme Red Dot Cat Meme CEO Cat Meme Cute Cat Memes Wikipedia Commons Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki Denise Guastello Caroll University, Wisconsin Vet Street CNET Live Science Boing Boing Brought to you by: ndlessrise IT'S NOT JUST OUTSOURCING, IT'S ENDLESSRISE

Why Cat Lovers Make Great Online Marketers - A World Cat Day Infographic by Endlessrise

shared by Endlessrise on Aug 14
Here's a tribute to successful digital marketers like you who also happen to be feline lovers.






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