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Who Works For A Startup?

HUMAN CAPITAL WHO WORKS FOR A STARTUP? Startups seemingly employ the best of the best. They want the smartest, most talented people on board to take their company from idea to acquisition. Here, we look at who really works at a startup, and how your relationships can help get you hired by one. FOUNDING PARTNERS CBlnsights looked at the demographic characters of Internet startup founders that received a first round of VC funding between January and June 2010. The most likely startup founder, according to the survey, is a 35-to-44-year-old white male who previously served as CEO of a company. AGE TITLE FOUNDING TEAMS' AGE 13% Sales FOUNDERS' 35-44 FORMER ROLE and Marketing 45-54 12% Product Management and Development 26-34 • 11% Engineering 48% 18-25 19% 8% Business Development 29% • 6% Software 4% 4% Strategy 46% Other Role FOUNDERS' FORMER TITLE SENIOR VP MANAGER CONSULTANT DIRECTOR VP CEO/FOUNDER 5% 5% OTHER TITLE 10% 9% 28% 39% Though the study by CBlnsights doesn't specify what “other" roles or titles the surveyed startup founders previously held, it could mean a number of things. Startup founders have taken all shapes, from the entrepreneurial business school grad to the UI design mastermind. NEW RECRUITS Startups are looking to recruit top talent. COMPETITIVE 83% of startups plan With so many startups hiring, acquiring top programming to hire this year. talent is getting more competitive. LOCAL MOST NEEDED AND HARDEST TO FIND Those new hires will likely be local. LOCATION LIKELY TO HIRE 86% 42% 28% 28% Same area Web Marketing Strategy Experts Designers where company Graphic is headquartered Programmers 31% Another 20% U.S. state 40% 60% 80% 22% 24% 20% 100% Outside Online Writers the U.S. Marketers CHALLENGES Startups report several key challenges of hiring new stars. STARTUP RECRUITMENT AND MANAGING CHALLENGES 44% 42% 18% Software companies are more likely to High cost of High cost of Too few qualified cite high cost of compensation as compensation living in my area employees a challenge. packages 18% 17% 16% Hardware companies are more likely to Obtaining visas Managing a Losing qualified have difficulty obtaining visas for qualified, geographically employees to for non-U.S. hires. non-U.S. dispersed competitors employees workforce 8% 4% 19% Quality of Other No challenges education in my area IT'S WHO YOU KNOW Connections matter. When referring a friend, the People who are recommended for more mutual friends you share, the more likely a position are 2.5 times more likely he/she is to qualify for an interview. Referrals to be actually qualified than those who self-apply. from connections with 24+ mutual friends are 55% more likely to land the interview. 24+ 0-2 3-23 MUTUAL FRIENDS MUTUAL FRIENDS MUTUAL FRIENDS RECOMMENDATION SELF-APPLY Gist. SOURCES: KOSKI RESEARCH • SVB FINANCIAL GROUP• CBINSIGHTS • TOPPROSPECT.COM • ELANCE LIKELY TO BE QUALIFIED LESS LIKELY MORE LIKELY **...-------............ LIKELY TO BE INTERVIEWED LESS LIKELY MORE LIKELY

Who Works For A Startup?

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Working for a startup offers tremendous professional and personal experience and education. Even if you end up working for a large company, you will bring a different perspective and skill set that wi...




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