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Who Should You Partner With On Your Startup?

WHO SHOULD YOU PARTNER WITH ON YOUR STARTUP? How did you get the idea for your business? I saw a gap in the market and made It came to me in a dream a calculated risk Do You Stress Are you frugal? Out Easily? I *may* have a cashflow problem I keep a level head YES I DO!!!! I count every single penny Can You Do You Oversee a Organise Yourself? Are you a willing networker? Variety of Tasks? I am a multitasking My calendar is meticulous. I love shmoozing people master! No, I'm good at one thing & I like to do it well. Nope. Help me please! I'm much happier doing my work What would you say to "There's some issues on the back end? How does your team brainstorm? Sell Me This Pen We often sit in Oh dear. you better go home. Well, what exactly are you looking for in a pen? awkward silence D- We share lots of great ideas Is it a server issue or something on Uh. buy this pen please! our side? The Creative The Smart Creative The Techie The Planner The Seller You need... The Smart Creative You excel in a lot of areas, but you are not an all-round 'smart creative' who is capable of turning their hand to anything. This person is a rock in any business environment, someone with a mix of technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity who is bursting with ideas to drive your company forward. Recommended Reading: U How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg You need... The Techie You lack the technical skills to pull together a product or service that customers are going to love. The right techie with an entrepreneurial mindset can make or break your business - they will help build, test and develop to allow you to grow quickly. Recommended Reading: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries You need... The Creative Without creativity you will struggle to foresee issues or challenges that your startup may face in the future. Creativity can lead you in new directions that you weren't aware existed, a disciplined creative can be indispensible to a startup and will give you a vital edge over your competitors. Recommended Reading: Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath You need... The Planner If you have a goal you'll need to stick to it, someone who is a good planner and well 7. organised will keep you on track to achieve your longer term goals. While startups may thrive in messy and agile environments, to achieve a longer term vision you will need a planner with "fanatic discipline". Recommended Reading: Great by Choice by Jim Collins You need... The Seller Not all entrepreneurs need to be great salespeople, if you partner with the right individual you'll be able to focus on what you're good at while they drive the bottom line. Of course as a business owner you still need to remain attached to what is happening in the pipeline - weekly sales updates are essential for providing you with visibility on progress and cash flow. Recommended Reading: Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People by James Borg PRESENTED BY KINGLY BROOKES

Who Should You Partner With On Your Startup?

shared by AlexGillham on Jun 19
A fun flowchart asking who you should partner with on your startup - you have the idea, now you need the help - who is the best kind of person to help you? You may already know them!



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