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Who shot the photographer?

Who Shot the . Photographer? ? ? ? ? Cameras are cheaper than ever, reducing barriers to entry and increasing competition' Digital cameras have saturated the market SALE! Price per unit of digital single-lens reflex cameras² 85% $546 of U.S. households own at least one $504 $486 $451 $446 $421 $387 2010 2011 Working photographers include part-time and aspiring professionals“ 2.5 million Aspiring Pros 7.6 million Photo Enthusiasts 1.4 million 110,000 Part-time Pro Full-time Photographers Photographers Though companies want exclusive content, Nearly one-third of contributors to stock photography websites consider it their primary source of income$ the incentives for photographers aren't enough to prevent the same photos being sold on multiple websites 24 24 In 2011, non-original material accounted for 82% of a total increase of nearly 50 million images 25% 24% 31% 2010 2011 2012 New contributors can expect to make a cut of about 20% Royalties of most popular stock photography sites7 %24 Fotolia Dreamstime Shutterstock iStockphoto (Getty) 20 - 30% 15 - 20% 20 - 63% 25 – 45% The sale of an average Making a living selling microstock photography is next to impossible photo earns Shutterstock $2.23 in revenue®, leaving $4,000' little for the photographer Median income from selling microstock photography (2012) $2.23 The market is 24 million Shutterstock flooded with 10 million istockphoto (Getty) tens of millions of stock images10 21 million 16 million Fotolia Dreamstime 19 million 123RF Photos are stolen off the internet all the time" Copyright infringement Corbis Getty 70,000 42,000 violations violations ImageBrief" "CIPA and PMA Marketing Research. DSLR figures are for North America. 2 Camera prices are export price, not consumer prices which add freight, insurance, brokerage and retailer's margin, etc. 3 PMA Marketing Research, 2011. * Rise of the Amateur, PMA Marketing Research, 2011. "Part-time professional photographers" are a part of "Aspiring Pros". "Aspiring Pros" are photo enthusiasts who earned money in 2011. 5 6 Survey of the Global Image Stock Market 2012. http://www.stockimagemarket.uni-hd.del * Based on the company's own websites of royalties of non-exclusive content. For iStockphoto and Shutterstock, royalties are lower with subscription based clients, and higher when contributors provide exclusive content not found on other microstock sites. Fotolia offers contributors a percentage of sales of the photographers they personally refer to the company. http:// * Shutterstock investor presentation, May 10, 2013. presentations ° Microstock industry survey, 2012. 10 Microstock diaries blog post, May 16, 2013. teach-stock-photographers.html 11 LA Times, Controlling illegal use of copyrighted material on the Web, Sept. 13, 2009. 2012 2009 2008 2007 2006

Who shot the photographer?

shared by mosssimon on Aug 20
This infographic explores some of the factors that put pressure on professional photographers, and why earning a living from professional photography is so difficult.




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