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Who is the Remote Worker?

A PROFILE OF THE Remote Worker Getting More Work Done The Way They Want Approximately 3.3 million people in the United States work remotely at least half of the time. Who's Working Remotely? 49 years old College $58K annual Employed at (average) companies with >100 employees educated salary OCCUPATIONS Service Education, legal, community service, arts, media 9.0% Management, business, Health care practitioners 5.2% 18.0% financial and technicians 5.5% Office and administrative Computer, engineering, support science 10.8% 14.5% Production, transportation, Other and material moving 11.1% 13.9% O Sales and related 11.9% *Due to rounding, does not add to 100% Where They Live Remote work is happening across the U.S. Here's the percentage of people who work remotely full-time across all 50 states (and Washington, D.C.), per the most recent Census data. Washington, D.C. <3% 3-4% 4-5% 5-6% 6-7% A GROWING REMOTE POPULATION: 79.7% growth in remote workers between 2005 and 2012 So, why are more companies embracing remote work? Happy and Productive Employees 39% of surveyed workers said they work remotely at least a few times per month, noting a plethora of benefits. PRODUCTIVITY 77% reported greater productivity. 24% were willing to work longer hours 30% accomplished more in less time. than normal to accomplish more. CONNECTIVITY 44% felt just as connected with colleagues as they do on-site. 10% felt even more connected. SATISFACTION 45% got more sleep. 35% got more exercise. 42% ate healthier. WORK-LIFE BALANCE 53% were less stressed. 44% had more positive attitudes. 51% spent more time with their significant others. 52% were less likely to take time off when working remotely. Whistling While They Work Empowering employees to work outside the confines of the office can result in a more satisfied and productive workforce: a win-win for the connected company. Video conferencing is an essential tool for remote workers, helping them stay connected face-to-face. Visit to learn more about our easy-to-use video conferencing solution. Sources: "American Community Survey," 2013, U.S. Census Bureau "Home-Based Workers in the United States," 2010, U.S. Census Bureau "Remote Worker Survey," 2014, ConnectSolutions "State of the American Workplace," 2013, Gallup Ctrip study, Nicholas Bloom for Stanford University O Highfive

Who is the Remote Worker?

shared by ColumnFive on Jul 24
With remote work on the rise, we worked with Highfive to create an infographic that takes a look at the profile of the remote worker today.


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