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Which Marketing Channel is Making You Money

Are my digital marketing efforts paying off? Which marketing channel is making me money? ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS USING MULTI-CHANNEL FUNNELS What are Multi-Channel Funnels? Marketing efforts take many shapes and travel through many streams.. OFFLINE ONLINE Direct Mail, Billboards, Networking, etc. Paid Media, Email, Social, etc. IZIZZI. But how can you tell which channels are contributing the most to your business? AN EXAMPLE: Which source would you attribute to the following lead? public speakers SEARCH SUBMIT An individual finds your website by Three weeks later, the same Two weeks later, the same searching for "public speakers" individual searches your brand individual clicks on an ad in Google name on YouTube to view videos and then fills out your contact form. about hiring public speakers for small to medium conferences. The answer? All of them! (maybe) Multi-channel funnels allow you to attribute percentages of a lead to multiple marketing channels. For online efforts, Multi-Channel Attribution, Across Digital Channels (MCA-ADC) is the way to go (and what Google Analytics offers). So, using a multi-channel report like MCA-ADC will assign weight to each of those three interactions, allowing you to gain more insight into the visitor's journey to conversion. 2 What can I do with this data? IDENTIFY HIGH PERFORMING CHANNELS TIME YOUR CAMPAIGNS Multi-channel reporting allows you to see which marketing channels assisted with your conversions. This helps you Multi-channel reports can also help you get a better idea about when marketing channels are contributing during the lifecycle of understand which channels work well together and which ones a lead. Here, you'll want to explore ifferent traffic segments for may be deserving of more effort. your multi-channel reports. An "Assisted Conversions" report is particularly helpful. Marketers This allows you to identify when visitors like to interact with other channels. So, if you notice that paid advertising is almost always the first interaction for converting visitors, you'll know to are often so focused on conversions that they overlook the period leading up to the conversion. By concentrating on the assists during the "wooing" period, you can more accurately appraise the start those campaigns early. Similarly, you may discover that value of channels that may not show up on your typical email is a good closer, so you'll be sure to always include an email conversion reports. with each campaign you run. 3 How are the Multi-Channel reports generated? LAST INTERACTION LAST NON-DIRECT CLICK LAST ADWORDS CLICK FIRST INTERACTION Attributes ALL of a conversion Ignores direct visits and attributes ALL of a conversion to Attributes ALL of a conversion Attributes ALL of a conversion to the last channel the user to the AdWords ad that was to the first channel a user interacted with. This is how most the last channel the user last clicked. interacted with. reports attribute conversions. Interacted with. ll LINEAR TIME DECAY POSITION BASED CUSTOMIZED Gives EQUAL credit to all Heavily credits channel Heavily welghts first and last Specify your own weighting channels Interacted with prior to Interactions at the tall-end of Interaction with minor credit per channel. the conversion. the conversion. going to interactions in the middle. IF YOU'RE JUST STARTING OUT, THE TIME DECAY MODEL IS PROBABLY A GOOD PLACE TO BEGIN. 1 What channels are measured? DISPLAY SOCIAL NETWORK Anything with the medium of "display" or "cpm". Anything non-paid from the 400 social For AdWords, It's any ads set to "content" and networks in the database. excluding "text" formats. REFERRAL PAID SEARCH Anything from AdWords Search or other search Anything from non-social, non-search websites. engins with a medium of "cpc" or "ppc". OTHER ADVERTISING EMAIL Anything with medium of "cpc", "ppc", "cpm", Anything tagged with a medium of "email". "cpv", "cpa", "cpp", "content-text", "affillate". DIRECT ORGANIC SEARCH Anything from a bookmark or by typing your Anything from search engings with a medium URL into the browser. set to "organic" that is not classified as paid. SOURCES: O webmechanix SNOWBALLING ROI FOCUSED DIGITAL MARKETING

Which Marketing Channel is Making You Money

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Is your business using multi-channel funnel reports? Learn how these reports can help figure out which marketing channels are making you the most money.


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