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Where is Your Point of Sale System Vulnerable?

ENTRY POINT Vulnerability in Small Businesses Passwords Hackers can break into dozens of small businesses 63% of 2010 cyber attacks were at companies with 100 EMPLOYEES OR FEWER or one large one in the same amount of time. 50% of business users are still using EASILY -GUESSED PASSWORDS POS Vulnerabilities You Didn't Know Were There of credit card data breaches are on SMALL BUSINESS CUSTOMERS (according to Visa's estimates) 95% The most common being DEFAULT PASSWORDS "Password1" A major vulnerability issue commonly target by hackers Setting the Scene Limited budgets and few or no tech experts on staff Credit Card Hacks 50% 45% Hackers within a nearby proximity can inject malware programs over an unsecured wireless network In 2012 the of data breach RETAIL investigations 25% One of the most common attacks on INDUSTRY made up HIGHEST PERCENTAGE IN RETAIL HISTORY small businesses 15% increase over 2011 According to the Payment Card Industry, Security Standards Council many businesses neglect basic security D OODOO00 E-COMMERCE Attacks were discovered in sites were the most measure 29 DIFFERENT common target, accounting for 48% the largest percentage originated in Romania of all investigations of attacked businesses took 64% more than 90 DAYS to detect an intrusion 210 overall average Access controls should be placed around a wired network Attacks can appear as attachments or links in Employee Theft employee emails Malware & Viruses KEYSTROKE LOGGERS Many business owners neglect IT security Financially motivated attacks typically rely on planted computer code PURPOSE & KEYLLAMA - keystroke logging hardware ADVERTISED AS Lack of software makes KeyLlama impossible to detect MONITORING SPYWARE Network scans by an ASV can help close network holes 100% Can hold of memory The keylogger program records each keystroke and uploads recorded data to a USB or over the Internet with larger software systems 4MB and vulnerabilities STEALTHY SAFETY TIPS DATA CRIME RINGS The Unprotected Wi-Fi Network paying employees for data Restrict direct Internet access of business failures are a CAUSES 60% Reject unauthorized devices direct result of internal theft Change default passwords Isolate storage systems 34% 18-29 YEAR OLD employees believe it is justifiable to steal from their employer POOR OR NO ENCRYPTION NO PASSWORD OR WEAK/DEFAULT PASSWORDS WEAK ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM Don't store card data unless needed IMPROVING SECURITY EDUCATE EMPLOYEES Conduct security awareness training on a regular basis PROTECT DATA Take the "more than IDENTIFY USERS REGISTER ASSETS Keep a complete inventory or registry of valid devices UNIFY ACTIVITY LOGS Combine physical and information security VISUALIZE EVENTS Every user-initiated action should be tagged Identify patterns and vulnerabilities technology" approach Sources DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING Merchant Warehouse II

Where is Your Point of Sale System Vulnerable?

shared by merchantwarehouse on Apr 08
An informative look at where many businesses leave their point of sale systems open to hackers and thieves. Better understand where your system is vulnerable in order to avoid compromising your custo...


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