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When severe weather strikes

When Severe Weather Strikes WHAT IS SEVERE WEATHER? Any dangerous, meteorological phenomena with the potential to cause: iijii DAMAGE SOCIAL DISRUPTION LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE Types of severe weather phenomena vary, depending on: Latitude Altitude Topography Atmospheric conditions MOST COMMON TYPES OF SEVERE WEATHER INCLUDES: EXTREME HEAT/ COLD LIGHTNING TORNADOES FLOODING HURRICANES THUNDERSTORMS SEVERE WEATHER IS ALSO CATEGORIZED BY High winds Hail Wildfires Dust storms Excess Ice storms Snowstorms Drought precipitation Any U.S. community is at risk for severe weather implications, which are: COSTLY HAZARDOUS UNPREDICTABLE Severe weather GENERALLY occurs from the same conditions that generate ordinary thunderstorms: Atmospheric moisture + Thermal lift + Environmental instability Severe Weather 2012 SEVERE WEATHER FACTS From torrential downpours to total droughts, here are the 2012 severe weather facts and figures for the United States, as per data provided by the National Weather Service (NWS). Damage Costs (S millions) Severe Weather Conditions Fatalities Injuries Tornadoes 822 70 1,649.73 Lightning 139 28 48.34 Hurricanes 171.89 Extreme Cold 8. 237.61 Extreme Heat 1062 155 12.56 Floods 25 29 500.77 (flash + river) Thunderstorms 332 50 322.40 High Winds 40 54 4,067.63 Hail 54 2,508.34 Wildfires 76 10 1,464.47 Dust Storms 1.53 Ice Storms 1 7.02 Winter Storms 11 10 198.08 Heavy Rains 18 6. 2.86 Drought 5,764.22 SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS IS ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL. Stay informed. Count on for all your severe weather for├ęcasts and safety tips. sources: keycasection=9&page=34&story=302

When severe weather strikes

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Severe weather generally occurs from the same conditions that generate ordinary thunderstorm: Atmospheric pressure + Tharmal lift + Enviormental instability = SEVERE WEATHER. 2012 SEVERE WEATHER FACTS...




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