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What's A Traffic Jam Worth?

WHAT'S A TRAFFIC JAM WORTH? YEARLY TIME SPENT IN TRAFFIC In 1982, The Average Driver Spent 16 Hours In Traffic. By 2020, The Average American Will Waste 41 40 PPSON 30 16 s PERPERSON 20 A Whole Work Week 10 In Traffic. 1902 2011 2020 2011 MOST CONGESTED CITIES, YEARLY TRAFFIC DELAY (HOURS/PERSON) 40CHOURS50 50HOURS60 Phladelphia PANIDE MD 60HOURSO Denr Auro CO 45 Chicago N 51 48 New Yok ANC 59 Seate WA 48 foton MA 53 Sananosce Otand CA 61 ehingn NAMD 67 tAnges tong te Santa Ana CA 61 51 Orlando F 45 45 Hoton T Neve Don TN 52 47 Dula Fon Anghon 45 Man 47 It is Estimated That 40% of Delays Ocur Mid-Day And Over Night. ENIAEEVTVE 4am h 201 The Average American Wasted S818 Setng in Tafic An American Commuter Yas 2011 3 818.00 Total Cost Of Cost of Traffic Congestion Eight Hundred and Eightun Dollars For Americans GAS $121 BILLION and TIME For etra 38 hours of 19 extra gallors of fuel travel time x ALL AMERICANS For a 20 minute trip Americans plan to spend 1 hourn trafte 5.5 BILLION 40min. EXTRA HOURS IN TRAFFIC ----- BE PRODUCTIVE ON YOUR COMMUTE n off-Peas 2Work part or from home week mob 1Drive ALof udio boo ducrreeec Brought you by O InterCall Fe AManittion युपन stunuaduocoumeneuongtan onutonaltitt e AM orti Sothet enty h torCenter A My ftT T li Ta i C trom

What's A Traffic Jam Worth?

shared by kolson1985 on Nov 15
InterCall's infographic explores how traffic jams, commuting time and traffic congestion costs businesses money. You'll probably be surprised by the numbers!


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