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What's Apple actually worth?

Mac Mac What's Apple actually worth? FORMAT system and still have enough left over for some Ferraris and fancy yachts. The only way to really appreciate the incredible size of Apple's market valuation is to work out what else you could buy with the same money. Never mind posh holidays, the odd day out and a new sportscar: we're talking nce you get beyond a certain amount of money, the numbers become so big U that they're mind-boggling: Apple's $619 billion valuation (E389 billion in real money) means it's worth more than every single publicly traded company in Spain, Portugal and Greece combined. Even Apple's bank account has the best part of $100 billion buying entire countries, funding the Olympics in it, and as The Guardian reports, that's enough to pay for the entire UK education FORMAT 619 billion dollars sounds like a lot, but what can it get you in the real world? The short answer appears to be... everything 257 and buying a luxury limousine for every day of the week. So what does 619 billion get you? ● 2.4 Y 4,952 million 374 SFgold 4 ounces Patroklos really nice Greek islands (based on $125m asking price for Patroklos) Manchester Uniteds 73 Greggs ( valuation) 343 2.14 sausage rolls for every man, woman and child on Earth every weekday for a month Microsofts 364 884 billion Greeces iTunes tracks Dallas New York Yankees (based on current debt of $269 billion) Cowboys* (Forbes) 1,547 (Forbes) London 123,800 1I 5 billion RMS Titanics Olympics Hublot barrels of oil Ж (at today's prices) watches ($5 million apiece) (based on official budget) 6,190 1,358 1,049 1,238 3.1 Frankencelebs Emirates private yachts with missile defences made from Rihanna's legs (insured for $1m), Dolly Parton's chest ($3.8m), Tom Jones' chest hair ($7 million), Keith Richards' hands ($1.6 million), Bruce Springsteen's voice ($31.2 million), Michael Flatley's feet ($40 million), David Beckham's legs ($70 million) and J-Lo's behind ($300 million) 364 Palace Hotels, Googles Abu Dhabi GGG Mona Lisas 389,000 Space Shuttles (M/Y Eclipse, belonging to Roman Abramovich) Bugatti Veyrons

What's Apple actually worth?

shared by turnitupalittle on Jul 19
Is there anything Apple couldn't buy? The short answer appears to be "no". Here's a quick at exactly what you could do with Apple’s $619 billion.




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