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What You Can Learn From Thrive By Arianna Huffington

WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM THRIVE bARIANNA HUFFINGTON Arianna Huffington wrote Thrive because we need to rethink success. Thrive Society's old idea of success centered on two things: money THE THIRD METRIC TO REDEFINING SECCKSS AND CREATING A LIFE OF WELLBEING, WISDOM. AND WONDER and power. But money and power are like a two-legged stool - without a third leg, you'll fall. That third leg manifests in the Arianna Huffington Third Metric of success. To lead worthwhile lives, we must welcome the four pillars of the Third Metric: {WELL-BEING} {WONDER} {WISDOM} { GIVING } Why do these matter? How can we act on them? Let's look. WELL-BEING We shouldn't neglect our lives in favor of work – that's what well- being is about. WHY? 96% Science shows that SLEEP DEPRIVATION cripples our mood, focus, and high Z? level cognitive functions. of leaders say they're burnt out. RELAXATION SWITCHES ON GENES THAT STRENGTHEN QUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND That damages their decision-making. PROTECT OUR HEALTH. We need to refocus on well-being - for the sake of our work, and the sake of ourselves. HOW? MOVE MORE. SLEEP MORE. START BY GETTING JUST THIRTY EXTRA MINUTES OF SLEEP PER DAY. IT'LL BOOST YOUR HEALTH, Physical activity walking, running, CREATIVITY, AND PRODUCTIVITY. TIP: Set an alarm to alert you when it's time to go to bed. stretching, dancing – is integral to well-being. MEDITATE TODAY. start with just five minutes of meditation. find a quiet place at an uninterrupted time, relax your body, and observe your breath. WONDER Wonder is about our state of mind – we need a perspective that embraces good things. That state of mind must center on love. WHY? LIFE NEEDS WONDER. BE LOVING. A 75- YEAR HARVARD STUDY Einstein wrote that wrote that whoever DISCOVERED ONE SIMPLE TRUTH: sits unable to wonder, "whoever cannot contemplate or know the deep E-me HAPPINESS IS LOVE. FULL STOP. shudder of the soul in enchantment, might just as well be dead for he has already closed his eyes upon life." Let's reinvigorate our sense of wonder about the world around us – and let's love the people in our lives. HOW? IMAGINE JOY. ALLOW SILENCE. FEEL TENSE OR PRESSED FOR TIME? Find a mental picture that ignites BREATHE – IN, OUT, IN, OUT. 10 DS FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH your joy: your kid, your pet, a FOR 10 SECONDS. natural scene, artwork. When you hit rough times, summon BE FORGIVING. Holding judgments against yourself? Forgive yourself. Holding judgments against other people? Forgive them. this image to renew your wonder. WISDOM says that "wisdom is about recognizing what we're really seeking: connection and love." WHY? Arianna WISDOM ONCE WE KNOW WHAT'S ACTUALLY frees us from the trap of IMPORTANT, WE CAN MAKE obsessing over money FULFILLING LIVES. and power. Perspective on what's important GEARS US UP TO DEAL WITH THE TRULY TOUGH THINGS: death, sickness, loss. With wisdom, we can understand why the Third Metric matters. HOW? DIGITALLY DISCONNECT. LEL GO. Pick something- SET A TIME AT NIGHT WHEN YOU WILL TURN today - that drains your energy without benefiting you or your loved ones, and cut it out of your life. OFF YOUR DEVICES AND RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER WISDOM. BE THANKFUL. Start a "gratitude list“ and write down things you're thankful for. Share it with friends. TIP: You can also list ten things you're grateful for, and count themn on your fingers. GIVING Giving encompasses love, care, compassion - going beyond ourselves. WHY? It's key to SOLVING PROBLEMS at every level, local to global. BETTER BUSINESS. VOLUNTEERING AT LEAST Companies led by CEOS who are " givers ONCE A WEEK BOOSTS Y OUR WELL-BEING see higher, more stable AS MUCH AS YOUR SALARY returns. Other business SHOOTING FROM $20,000 TO $75,000. areas see this, too - givers get ahead. Helping others helps ourselves, WHAT CẦN WE DO TO GIVE? foundr A MAGAZINE FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CONNECT MORE. Make the important effort to make a personal connection with people your normally take for granted, This connects you to the moment. And it brightens their day! VOLUNTEER TODAY. USE YOUR SKILLS AND TALENTS TO VOLUNTEER IN YOUR START SMALL. COMMUNITY. YOUNG PEOPLE ARE PAVING Little gestures of kindness for those THIS PATH: 43% OF MILLENNIALS, around you will better their lives. MORE THAN ANY You'll also improve your emotional OTHER GENERATION, outloook. VOLUNTEER.

What You Can Learn From Thrive By Arianna Huffington

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Arianna Huffington wrote Thrive because we need to rethink success. Society's old idea of success is centred on two things: money and power. But money and power are like a two-legged stool. Without...


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