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What is Workplace Bullying?

AN INFOGRAPHIC FROM TMSCONSULTING.COM.AU WHAT IS WORKPLACE BULLYING? Workplace Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker, or a group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety. Workplace bullying sits within Australian workplace health and safety law, requiring employers to take reasonably practicable steps to prevent psychological injuries and illness arising from exposure to workplace bullying hazards. 6.8% OF AUSTRALIAN WORKERS EXPERIENCED WORKPLACE BULLYING IN THE PREVIOUS 6 MONTHS 1 in 3 workers 1 in 2 workers OF WORKERS WERE SUBJECTED TO WORKPLACE BULLYING FOR MORE THAN 12 MONTHS WILL WITNESS workplace bullying at some point during their career WILL DIRECTLY 3.5% experience workplace bullying at some point during their career COMMON BULLYING BEHAVIOURS EXPERIENCED IN AUSTRALIAN WORKPLACES INCLUDE: Faste O BEING GIVEN AN UNMANAGEABLE PUBLIC VERBAL ABUSE EXCESSIVE CRITICISM BEING IGNORED OR ISOLATED GOSSIP AND RUMOURS RIDICULE AND HUMILIATION EXCESSIVE PRESSURE AND UNREASONABLE WORKLOAD DEADLINES IMPACTS OF WORKPLACE BULLYING .............................. INDIVIDUAL ORGANISATIONAL • Psychological distress • Impaired cognitive ability • Poor work perfomance • Low self-esteem • Physical illness • Decreased productivity • Turnover • Decreased trust, loyalty and morale Illness and injury costs Poor public image CONSEQUENCES OF WORKPLACE BULLYING 75% 65% OF WORKERS WILL CONTINUE TO EXPERIENCE THE IMPACTS OF WORKERS EXPERIENCING WORKPLACE BULLYING WILL TAKE TIME OFF WORK OF BULLYING MORE THAN S YEARS LATER 50% OF BULLIED WORKERS EXPERIENCE THE SYMPTOMS OF GENERAL TRAUMA OF WORKERS EXPERIENCING WORKPLACE BULLYING WILL QUIT THEIR JOBS TOP 5 INDUSTRIES MAKING MENTAL STRESS CLAIMS IN AUSTRALIA percentage of total daims) EDUCATION COMMUNITY AND OTHER H AND 16% 13.6% 20.5% 9.6% RETAIL 7.2% TRADE PREVENTING AND MANAGING WORKPLACE BULLYING AWARENESS AND EDUCATION FOR WORKERS CREATING A CULTURE OF WELLBEING LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Training designed to increase employee awareness about what constitutes workplace bullying, its determinants, its impacts, and how to prevent and manage it, is a vital step in preventing bullying and should be available to the whole organisation. To assist in preventing the occurrence of bullying behaviours, organisations should promote a culture that is focused upon maintaining work life balance, managing stress, developing resilience, and ensuring worker wellbeing is supported through experiences of change and work pressure. Leaders are central in preventing and managing workplace bullying. Leaders should receive developmental opportunities that allow them to understand effective leadership practices, influencing culture, setting expectations, identifying and managing risks, and managing conflict, amongst others. Sources Dolard, M. 2012). The Australian woripiace barometor. raport in paychosool satony dimano and worker health in Australu Sae Work Astrala Wemtodd val by redung v ouho we cantyo vo Worigle yng preron ndmangunant met Enarsen, S.(1999. The nature and can of bulying at work intemasional ournal of Manpower, 2001p.16. TMS Consulting Pty Ltd Brisbane•S O copyright 2014 Faure-Brac, J. 2012. A slow poison. About the House, 46, pg 20. Harles G. 00 Don't do what Ido -just bloody wol do what I say Tho wodplace bulyng expenences of Australan ademics eodsng paperj. Faculty of Business and Economics, Monath Uversity. Sale Work Australa 2012. The incidence of Aconpted Worker Compensation Cans for Mental Stessn Australa CONSELTING • Sydney • Melbourne • Perth pilwwn.saloworkraagovasteswaboutpublicatonspageswokers-compenston-dams-foremental-tosin-australa SERVICE PERSONAL

What is Workplace Bullying?

shared by tmsconsulting on May 29
In spite of increased media attention, improvements to health and safety legislation, and trends demonstrating a general increase in complaints, workplace bullying continues to be a misunderstood phen...


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