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What Types of Superbowl Ads Get Shared the Most?

What Types of Super Bowl Ads Get Shared the Most? V-The Force Lipton-Eminem Pepsi Max-Torpedo Cooler Doritos-House Sitting VEWS 771,059 VEWS 4,116,182 ENGAGEMENTS 70,618 CarMax-Kid in aCandy Store VIEWS: 45.248,798 Snickers-Logging ENGAGEMENTS 4.609315 VIES. 361.059 ENGAGEMENTS 2675 VIEWS 840.743 ENGAGEMENTS 2,961 VIEWS 1416.231 ENGAGEMENTS: 27,288 ENGAGEMENTS 15,084 INFANTILE MEN Best Buy Justin Bieber Oay Bridgestone-Reply All EMINEM ROSEANN вАяя Teleflora-Help Me Faith VIEws EZO ENGAGEMENTS EY8148 VIEWS 1.617.739 ENGAGEMENTS 26.579 BARR VEWS, 405.480 ENGAGEMENTS. 6.946 KIDS VIEWS 812,823 ENGAGEMENTS: 9,195 Doritos Best Part E-Trade-Tailor OZZY + BIEBER VIEWS 1,624,089 ENGAGEMENTS 16,155 VEws 1,4.377 ENGAGEMENTS 82,531 CELEBRITY VIEN KIAI630 ENGAGEMENTS ELS Pepsi Max-First Dute Pepsi Max-Love Hurts AS098 ENGAGEMENTS 1O6189 VEWS 708,057 ENGAGEMENTS: 24,305 VIEWS. 967310 ENGAGEMENTS 17,778 Careerbuikder- Parking Lot ACTING LIKE E VIEWS 791.597 ENGAGEMENTS 7,044 HUMANS Mercedes-Welcome PDiddy EMINEM VIEWS 487,047 ENGAGEMENTS 528 ANIMALS WILLIAM Bud Light- Dog Sitter VEW 28,161 ENGAGEMENTS 1377 P.DIDDY VIEWs T9.331 ENGAGEMENTS E29,894 VIEWS 382,177 ENGAGEMENTS 7671 Ad I with will.iam FUNNY Chrysler-Imported From Detroit ACTING CUTE Doritos Pug Attack VIENS 425.9sa VIEWS. 13.404.562 ENGAEMENTs 357.735 ENGAGEMENTS 809 VEWS 3.995.557 ENGAGEMENTS 215.179 CELEBRITY Mini Cooper- Cram it in the Boot SPOOF VEws 161177 ENGAGEMENTS ET5,509 VIEWs 652.247 ENGAGEMENTS 2.563 Motorola-Empower the People ENGAGEMENTS 00 DYSTOPIA CarMas-Gas Station VIES: 1,715,714 ENGAGEMENT 27,981 VICWS. S34.003 ENGAGEMENTS 1.041 Chevrolet-Tommy VIENS: 942.847 ENGAGEMENTS 7.660 NEL-Best. Fans. Ever HTC-Innovation ANTHEM NOSTALGIA VIEws. 269.584 ENGAGEMENT 2,787 SENTIMENTAL VIEWS. 977,575 ENGAGEMENTS 9,377 Reviews are In BMW-Defying Logic VEWS 47189s ENGAGEMENTS 1.622 VEWS 592,908 ENGAGEMENTS 1,255 Bud Lite-Hack Job POLITICAL/ PATRIOTIC VEWS 36602 ENGAGEMENTS: 786 Coca Cola-Boeder GoDaddy-Contract VEWS 1638670 ENGAGEMENTS 30,192 VENS G01473 ENGAGEMENTS 119 Kids, Celebrities & Conceptual Ads Tops for Engagement. OLD FOLKS HOT WOMEN GoDaddy-New Girl VIEWS OR153 ENGAGEMENTSE36 VEWS 2.75646 ENGAGEMENTS 36818 Sharethrough, a social video advertising company, aggregated the total number of online Social engagements for 2011 Super Bowl ads to provide insight to the types of brand content that drove the most social activity over the full year. Sharethrough's data showed that ads featuring kids or celebrities and conceptual ads drove the highest levels of social engagement (ending December 31, 2011). BICKERING KARDASHIAN Skechers-Break Up 2 Shape Up VEWS 1,739,B34 ENGAGEMENTS 1.426 Chevrolet-Misunderstanding VIENS 1.156.294 ENGAGEMENTS 4.397 SEX CELEBRITIES Audi-Release the Hounds ACTION VW Black Beetle VIES 2.191.154 ENGAGEMENTS 58,512 STYLISTIC VIEWS. 5.0e9.91s ENGAGEMENTS. 151.204 SUGGESTIVE CHASE SCENES CGI Bridgestone-Carma CGI SCI-FI VIES: 2,933,794 ENGAGEMENTS 102.227 VEwsEO07 ENGAGEMENTS B4 1 Sealy-Afterglow VIEWS 2,078,248 ENGAGEMENTS 7,869 Coca Cola-Siege Sony Ericsson-Android is Ready to May VIEWS 1700.066 DNGAGEMENTS 37,757 CONCEPTUAL VIEW 2,129.859 ENGAGEMENTS 34,775 VIEwsIO6 376 ENGAGEMENTS EHI CI Hyundal- Deprogramming Chevrolet-Ms.Evelyn VIEWS 624.82 ENGAGEMENTS 531 Data Collection Method: Sharethrough aggregated total social engagement numbers for 2011 Super Bowl ads across Facebook, Twitter, StumblelUpon, Linkedin, Reddt. Digg, Google Plus and Delicious (ending December 31, 2011). VIE 1.526.739 ENGAGEMENTS 26,305 MUSIC VIDEO CINEMATIC Hyundai Anachronistic City VEWS 618.579 ENGAGEMENTS: 929 BMW-Changes sharethrough Vews 600,298 ENGAGEMENTS 3.274 Stella Artois- Crying lean Home Away-Ministry of Detourism Budweiser-Wild West VEWS. 120,765 ENGAGEMENTS 5337 VIEWS 1,258,B20 ENGAGEMENTS 5,017 VEWS 63166 ENGAGEMENTS 1,868 Gsharethrough

What Types of Superbowl Ads Get Shared the Most?

shared by judithgold on Jan 24
One of the best parts of watching the Superbowl is seeing the interesting and innovative ads. This infographic provides a chart to see the ads during the Superbowl that are shared the most, what peopl...


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