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What is Takes to Get Seen

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET SEEN When it comes to online advertising, there is a large difference between an ad that is viewable and an ad that is seen. The typical internet user is served: WORTH $9.8 BIL 1707 DISPLAY ADS EACH MONTH BUT ONLY 14% ARE SEEN Here is how it breaks down: 1707 DISPLAY ADS 14% ADS SEEN ADS INDIVIDUAL IS NEVER EXPOSED TO ADS INDIVIDUAL IS EXPOSED TO 54% O 32% 14% OVERALL, $8.4 BILLION (OF THE $9.8 BILLION) DOWN THE DRAIN. With Sticky, you can identify which ads are seen and not seen, and for how long. This will allow you to optimize in-campaign for higher ROI while also bringing more branding dollars online. Some insights to help you along the way: WOMEN MEN VS FACES IN ADS EYE PATH OF WOMEN VS MEN Did you know that women look to the chest first, Including a human or animal face in your ad can double the chance the ad is seen. whereas men look to the face? SIZE & PLACEMENT MATTER 2x A banner ad placed below the menu is seen by twice as many people and has twice The larger the ad, the more likely you are the impact of an ad that to see it, and the longer you will gaze at it. appears above the menu. SCREEN TIME SEE-SAY GAP When an ad is seen, We tend to say one thing but see another. it's only for 22% of the time that it appears in-screen > With unknown brands, we tend to forget seeing an ad even though we actually did see it. → With stronger brands, we remember seeing the ad even if we actually did not. 69% of the time an ad appears on screen, it is not actually seen WE LOOK AT THINGS THAT MATTER TO US ATTENTION MORE LESS INEFFECTIVE AD Research shows a strong connection between emotion and action, and we tend to rest our eyes on things that attract us and affect us emotionally. This is why time spent gazing at an ad is a good proxy for the ads' impact. Optimize your media plan with SEEN We enable brands to reach 60% more consumers, and we increase the time people spend looking at your ads by 90%, all| through strategic thinking that doesn't require a budget increase. Sticky PAYING ATTENTIONI SOURCES Sticky, Comscore and ZenithOptimedia www.STICKY.AD

What is Takes to Get Seen

shared by Tomboy on Jan 30
When it comes to online advertising, there is a large difference between an ad that is viewable and an ad that is seen.





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