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What is Retail-Ready Packaging?

WHAT IS RETAIL-READY PACKAGING? RRP RETAIL-READY PACKAGING, also called RRP or SRP (shelf-ready packaging), refers to quality packaging that transitions from a self contained unit into a product package that is IMMEDIATELY READY for the shelf without unpacking or assembling an on-shelf product display. 30% It cuts down operation Retail stores train Box cutters cause 30% or costs, shelf-restocking employees how to open more of damage to time, and provides an easy packaging without knives merchandise and the use shopping experience for to reduce risks of injury, of box cutters can also retail customers and and with the development increase the chance of improves employee safety. of retail-ready packaging injury. box cutters, knives or other types of sharp openers are unnecessary. RRP is continuing to gain popularity across several packaging categories. According to a 57% survey conducted by Packaging World, 57% of suppliers in North America stated they had received an INCREASED NUMBER OF REQUESTS for RRP in the last 12 months. 36% RRP ALSO SAVES of COST IN MATERIALS as well as provides a SUSTAINABLE OPTION for packaging WAL-MART J070 within the Wal-Mart stores. SHELF-READY PACKAGING OFFERS SEVERAL OPERATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BENEFITS ESPECIALLY OPTIMIZED FOR DECREASED TIME IN RIG ROX SHELF STOCKING. IT IS THIS IMPROVED RESTOCKING TIME, COMBINED WITH SMARTER DESIGNS THAT ALLOW FOR A SOLUTION. BENEFITS INCLUDE EASY ACCESS PACKAGE TO BUILD BRAND IMAGE CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE PREMIUM APPEARANCE The smarter designs of retail-ready packaging assist manufacturers by allowing them to place supportive tape to add box strength exactly where they need it. These new designs also eliminate perforations (assisting with compression strength), which PROTECT THE PACKAGE CONTENTS & IMPROVE BOX-OPENING SAFETY. RETAIL-READY OPENING SYSTEMS DELIVER ELIMINATES PROVIDES a clean tear and edge knife opening, consistent location for brand-enhancing which damages for your marketing shelf appearance package contents message Ron Sasine, Senior Director of Private Label Packaging for Wal-Mart, stated that RRP is improving sustainability and operational time in several ways, including design. People are selectively thinning walls or shrinking caps or eliminating layers. 66 They're doing it in such a way so that the structural components remain intact, the printing surfaces are attractive and presentable to consumers, but they're taking out whole chunks of what we would consider a standard carton or a regular slotted shipping case or a regular walled bottle. It's all about structural strength where you need it, printing surfaces where you want them and combining that in unique ways." A RRP PACKAGE IS RECOGNIZED AS SUCH BY 5 TRAITS IT MOVES FROM SHIPMENT TO SHELF EASILY THE PACKAGE IS IT IS SIMPLE EASILY IDENTIFIED TO OPEN SIMPLE TO DISPOSE OF EASY TO TAKE FROM SHELF AND IDENTIFY BY CUSTOMERS UNNECESSARY PIECES CONNECTING RETAIL-READY WITH TECHNOLOGIES FOR SHELF-READY CORRUGATED PACKAGING Today, corrugated (often called cardboard) packaging designers and manufactures can connect with a company and a well-established solution for any retail-ready need. SESAME TAPE SESAME DISPENSING SYSTEM esame Tape systems are designed Patented equipment dispenses and to create better functionality in your applies reinforcement and opening boxes, optimal performance and systems technologies for retail- more sustainable packaging. ready packaging. H.B. Fuller To learn more about retail-ready packaging systems visit Sources: %24

What is Retail-Ready Packaging?

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Learn the benefits of retail-ready packaging as it takes product packaging from the manufacturer to the shelf in one simple, branded design. Discover how shelf-ready packaging has assisted Walmart in ...


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