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What people do at Presentations and Conferences

Presentations Conferences A SURVEY OF WHAT PEOPLE DO AT PRESENTATIONS AND CONFERENCES WHO TOOK THE SURVEY? 48 SPEAKERS 40 ATTENDEES 51% TECH -9% – OTHERS 40% EDUCATION WHERE DO THEY ATTEND PRESENTATIONS? 2.5 Average number 74% At a conference of presentations attended in a month 56% At work 44% At school 2.3 Average number of conferences attended in a year 32% Meetup/ Eventbrite People could select multiple places where they attend presentations THE PRESENTATION 21% KEYNOTE 17% PDF 40% 11% The tools MICROSOFT GOOGLE DRIVE POWERPOINT they use 11% PREZI Do presenter's upload / share their presentations? How often do people want access to the presentations? (Scale of 1-5) 56% people say they would like access to slides more often than not 86% say Yes 5% 9% 23% 35% 28% RARELY ALWAYS Where? Most common question asked? Dropbox Slideshare "Can you share those slides with us?" Twitter Personal Blog Conference Website Problem Google Presentation Link "It's a pain!" No one place to upload or access them DEVICES PEOPLE USE Laptop Smartphone Tablet Notebook No Device 35% 28% 23% 51% 65% Many people use multiple devices, simultaneously or otherwise What do they use the device for? 74% Taking notes on the presentation 73% Lookup information on topics mentioned by the speaker users have an Internet connected 64% Talk about the conference on Twitter/ Facebook 40% device 87% Click pictures of the slides/speaker 25% Check emails 58% users use their smartphone as a secondary device Check social networking sites, chat 33% NETWORKING How do people CONNECT 44% 30% 60% 50% during and after the confernece? Share business cards Lookup on LinkedIn Twitter discussions during and after conference Share contact details Other- Email, Google a person, features PROBLEMS AND WANTS SLIDES As a presenter I would like to be able to share my presentation with others easily and as an attendee I would like to easily find those presentations Often the slides are not useful by themselves. I would appreciate a transcript of the talk to be posted IN ADDITION to the slides Lack of ability to access links referenced in the presentation during the talk NETWORK Collaborative note-taking environment for all attendees How to better continue the conversation and make contact with people that I have met? Which of my friends & colleagues are at the conference? COLLABORATE ? QUESTIONS Optimizing screen resolution on secondary monitor, getting audio to work, having the right dongle, making there is LOGISTICS A note of all questions asked post presentation connection to the internet ALKISTA.COM Your companion for every presentation PROJECT BY: WWw. Vipul).coM 16%

What people do at Presentations and Conferences

shared by ivipul on Nov 19
Results of a survey to study people's experience at Conferences. This is research for, a Companion application for Conferences and Presentation. For detailed research, check out www.t...




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