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What Makes People Leave Their Jobs & What Makes Them Stay?

I QUIT What makes people LEAVE THEIR JOBS & what makes them stay? "bcl legal recruitment Why don't people leave their jobs? Why do people leave their jobs? Those who express job satisfaction all have 5 things in common: A survey of 3000 people revealed that: Over 50% They enjoy working with the people they work with - having a good relationship with co- workers was cited 3x more often than any other by employees who love their jobs. of people leave their jobs because they are unhappy, not for more money - they have become disengaged, feel unappreciated or lack faith in their employer. 38% of people stated their job is a stepping Having freedom and flexibility happy employees have the freedom to run under 29% of job hunters believe they will find their dream job in 18 months. stone. their own steam, improvise, support their own actions and even fail. 25% of people think they have the perfect job. 22% left their last job because of lack of faith in the management team. A productive working culture - 19% describe their job as a dead end. 19% left because they felt unappreciated. communication and trust throughout a company are more important than free office snacks to most; while a toxic and dysfunctional working atmosphere is frequently mentioned in companies where employee satisfaction 19% of job hunters believe they will find their dream job in less than 6 months. 19% left because they felt disengaged and unmotivated. ratings are low. 16% of people stated their job is a stop gap. 13% left because of a lack of financial reward. Variety - making each day different and having the opportunity to learn new things prevents boredom and therefore low morale in the work place. Having the tools and resources to progress in a career is particularly important for employees looking to rise 9% of job hunters think it will never happen. The great expectations of Generation Y through the ranks. Generation Y graduates are likely to leave a job if they feel the following expectations have not been fulfilled: Feeling challenged - employees who feel they are pushing their limits with new and frequent challenges experience more job satisfaction when they achieve success in those tasks. Rapid advancement Career status Are you thinking of accepting a counteroffer? within 3 years Manager 50% of employees who accept counteroffers change companies within 24 months. Over 56% of graduates expect to be in a management role within three years of starting work. 70% Manager within 1 years accept counteroffers as a short term solution while 13% expect a management role within a year. 80% of people are afraid to leave their jobs in case the alternative is worse 38% 66% of people feel trapped in their current job because of the money they earn and those dependent on them of people are dissatisfied with career advancement in their current organisation. Their top three priorities are: 70% work for money, not because they are in a job they love 33% cited challenging and interesting work. The great expectations of Generation Y 3333333333 The latest generation of graduates have different expectations from their careers than those of 10 years ago - they are motivated, ambitious and expect their managers to act as a coach rather than a boss. 32% said their priority was a high salary. t11 Generation Y graduates are more likely to stay in a role if they are given freedom and autonomy in their work, and their manager recognises the value they place on their independence. 24% cited career advancement. Sources job-20957.htm rpt_generation_y_july2011%20pdf.ashx Generation Y - A survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management and Ashridge Business School "bcl legal recruitment © 2014 BCL Legal - All rights reserved

What Makes People Leave Their Jobs & What Makes Them Stay?

shared by JordanSBCL on Jun 25
What gets you up for work in the morning: a passion for your work, the respect of your colleagues or the thought of a nice big pay cheque at the end of the month? For most of us job satisfaction play...


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