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What Makes an Employee Happy

What makes an Employee НАPPY HAPPY @WORK Enjoying the Work-Life Balance 62% 72% 67% More women than men cited an enjoy what they do as a reason for not wanting a job elsewhere acceptable work-life balance Reasons for staying with their current employer 80% 76% 63% 57% Enjoying Work Feeling Connected to the Work-Life Making a Difference Fit Organization Rewards& Recognition for Hard Worke 3. 3. 3. . 55% de a 79% said it would take just $25 to make the holidays brighter of employees A*** want end-of-year rewards 85% of employees said $100 or less would meet their expectations for a reward 63% of employees who have no plans of leaving are satisfied with their level of recognition 65% of employees satisfied in their roles said they would also work harder if they were better recognized at work Benefits and Pay Reasons to stay with 62% 59% PAY BENEFITS current employer 57% 61% PAY BENEFITS 2$ 67% 66% 54% 6/10 ages 35-44 reported pay as a reason to stay age 55 and older reported pay as a reason to stay ages 18-34 reported benefits as a reason to stay of workers receive health insurance coverage through their employers Job Security 70% of workers who feel their jobs are secCure report happiness at work 65% of employees describe job security as "very important" to their satisfaction levels: 64% 62% 61% BENEFITS RECOGNITION RELATIONSHIP WITH SUPERVISOR Listening to Music 77% of UK businesses said music at work improved the atmosphere and increased employee morale rd of US adult workers listen to music at work 475 say it improves their job satisfaction and productivity Breaks in Daily Grind 10 minute breaks 91 53% %, indicated that a 10-minute outdoor break every day would make them healthier, happier or more productive Chevron productivity increased by 9% when employees visited sites for personal use Chevron professional trainers conduct daily 10-minute "stretch breaks" for employee groups in stressful, sedentary jobs Relationships at Work 46% 34% of women cite their of men cite their managers as a managers as a reason to stay reason to stay MANAGER 48% 55% of women cite co-workers as a of men co-workers as a reason to stick with their current employer reason to stick with their current COLLEAGUE employer 59% 53% of women cite their .. of men cite their connection to the connection to the organization as a reason to stay ORGANIZATION organization as a reason to stay CYAST SOURCES %24 он Ot

What Makes an Employee Happy

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Rewarding and retaining good employees isn’t just about salary increases and holiday bonuses. In fact, according to research we’ve compiled, as many as 80% of employees surveyed indicate that the...




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