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What Kind of Content Marketer Are You?

WHAT KIND OF CONTENT MARKETER ARE YOU? The role of the content marketer isn't one-size-fits-all, there are many different types of marketer. See if you can spot yourself amongst these: Home Latest Profile o* redrocketmedia Likes: Results The scientist 53% of marketers claim content Analytics is your life blood, big data gets your heart pumping and reports, well, they just tip you over the edge. is the single most effective SEO tactic. [4] Comments. [28] 4 (9] 7 Interaction with content- reviews and ratings - sees conversion rates jump up by 105%. You take a methodical, measured approach to content marketing, enjoying [16] Comments. [25]4 (46] 7 70% of consumers feel closer to a nothing more than trawling through Google Analytics for irrefutable proof that company due to content marketing. [4] Comments. [28] [9] 7 your ideas work. Home Latest Profile o* redrocketmedia ALCONTENT MT Likes: Response The maverick Emotional content is twice as effective Your ideas might seem a little bit out there, but you (31%) as rational content (16%). [13] Comments. [24] 4 [35] 7 know they'll work, right? Wow, you've got to read this incredible article, it'll make you cry your eyes out! An experimentalist to the core, you don't fall back on tried and tested techniques, you innovate (possibly aggravate) and trail blaze. [6] Comments. (13] (4] L7 Try and get to the end of this without a box of tissues. [6] Comments. [13] 4 [4] L7 Clever content marketing is all about provoking an emotional reaction, right? Home Latest Profile o* redrocketmedia Likes: Valuable content The storyteller 78% of users feel that brands that produce custom content want to build good relationships with them. A lover of words, you possibly have an old school advertising background or an English degree. [2] Comments. (65] [23] L7 You derive great pleasure from incorporating the odd literary quote in your blogs. Interesting content is ranked among the top three reasons users follow brands on social media. (11] Comments. [18] 4 (1) L7 You take every opportunity 70% like getting to know a brand through content marketing rather than ads. to teach readers while taking them on a journey; each sentence is important [8] Comments. (12] 4 (14] I and don't even mention grammatical errors... Home Latest Profile redrocketmedia Likes: Campaign planning The oracle With a reputation as content marketing's Yoda, 58% of consumers feel they can trust editorial content. [176] Comments. [65] 4 [65) 7 everyone comes to you for your expertise. 60% of users feel positive about a brand after reading content on its website. You listen, you absorb and [46] Comments. [43] [68] LI you deliver. Any chance you can give me some advice on the post I'm writing? You're a thinker who knows how to meet your client's needs while mentoring those around you. [6] Comments. [13]4 [4] 7 Home Latest Profile o* redrocketmedia Likes: The creative development process The artist Content containing images gets 94% more views than pure text. Marketing is an art form, each campaign is carefully and painstakingly crafted. [67] Comments. [65) 4 (58] L7 Visual content is four times more You go mad for graphics; likely to get a response than plain text. visual content is what it's all [19] Comments. [44] [13] I about, and you're happiest when producing infographics or image-led listicles. Almost two-thirds of your audience are 'visual learners'. [27] Comments. [23]4 (84] 7 You know how to tell 1,000 words with just one picture The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. and attract 1,000 impressions at the same [11] Comments. [28]4 (17] L7 time. Home Latest Profile o redrocketmedia Likes: Likes Retweets The social evangelist 90% of users pay attention to recommendations shared from friends. You share content around the clock, tweet updates in your sleep and chomp at the bit to get that fresh article live and in front of people. [43] Comments. [86] 4 (15) Clicks from shared content result in a five-fold greater chance of conversions. [34] Comments. [23] (34] 7 You don't even mind that your friends are starting to unfollow your extremely 80% of users would rather engage with a brand via Facebook. work-related feed because [55] Comments. [36]4 [87) 7 you're a brand champion. By 2020, social media marketing budgets will double. [65] Comments. [93]4 [75] I Sources kind-of marketer are-yoahtml http:bub ubertincombuasoogDarhet emodern day marketer 526803444a7e.jpg http:/hearcheorineland.comthe nui http:/ of digital marketer http:/ http://www.neurosciencemarketingo sales-controversial-content marketing facts-in-2014 http:/ marketing education-57-remarkable-content-facts e-quintessentialmarketer scientist-163160 ads-work best.hom redrocketmedia | [email protected]| @RedRocketMedia Portsmouth: 0845 658 3334 | London: 020 7127 4337 SOCIAL A CONTENT MARKETING

What Kind of Content Marketer Are You?

shared by Tchapman9 on Sep 03
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Are you a content marketer? That's great! However, there are many different types, which one are you?


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