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What Keeps Employees Motivated?

What Keeps Employees Motivated (It's probably not what you think.) If you were to ask the average person what motivates them in their career, what do you think that answer would be? If your guess is money, you'd be wrong nearly 8 out of 10 times. Money is NOTthe way Despite the current financial climate, more employees are looking for career opportunities outside of their current employer than in 2008. The Yerkes-Dodson Law There is an optimal level of arousal for executing tasks. Departure from this level in either direction leads to a decrease in performance. TRANSLATION EMPLOYEES TO0 SAD ABOUT BEING POOR TO EMPLOYEES TOO EXCITED TOO LITTLE PAY TOO MUCH PAY ABOUT BEING RICH TO CONCENTRATE ON WORK CONCENTRATE ON WORK A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found that larger financial rewards for jobs involving cognitive skills lead to poorer performance. Employees worldwide view opportunities to apply their talents, career development and training as top drivers of job satisfaction. TOP MOTIVATORS: MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY! The Need to Be Noticed In a recent survey 78% of employees cited recognition as the main motivating factor in their career. And the findings just get more interesting from there. Here are the facts behind keeping employees motivated. 69% 52% 49% 39% OF EMPLOY EES SAY THEY OF EMPLOYEES SAY THEY OF WORKERS DO NOT FEEL ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE LEVEL OF RECOGNITION WOULD WORK HARDER IF WOULD LEAVE THEIR APPRECIATED AT WORK THEY WERE BETTER THEY RECEIVE CURRENT JOB FOR A RECOGNIZED COMPANY THAT CLEARLY RECOGNIZED EMP LOY EES FOR THEIR EFFORTS Engagement is the way The same Federal Reserve study revealed that engagement is a bigger motivator than money in the workplace. ENGAGED EMPLOYEES BY THE NUMBERS: 70% FEEL THEY HAVE A GOOD 78% WOULD RECOMMEND THEIR COMPANIES PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 58% SAY THEIR JOB BRINGS OUT THEIR MOSY CREATIVE IDEAS UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO MEET THE CUSTOMER NEEDS PANGERS OF THE DISENGAGED OF DISENGAGED EMPLOYEES ACTUALLY 18% UNDERMINE THEIR CO-WORKERS' SUCCE SS OF THE CURRENT WORKFORCE CONSIDER 72% THEMSELVES DI SENGAGED $370 BILLION ANNUAL PRODUCTIVITY LOST IN THE US DUE TO ACTIVELY DISENGAGED EMPLOYEES A DISENGAGED WORKER IS DEFINED AS ESSENTIALLY SLEEPWALKING THROUGH THEIR WORKDAY OF HR PROFESSIONALS VIEW EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AS AN 69% IMPORTANT CHALLENGE FACING ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FUTURE. Answering the challenge through: COACHING Match em ployee talent, interests, and needs with com pany objectives. RELATIONSHIPS Build personal, trusting relationships with employees. DIALOGUE Encourage open and frequent conversations with em ployees to head off problems that lead to disengagement. salesforce Rypple SOURCES: makes_employees happy 43385.aspx

What Keeps Employees Motivated?

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Listen up, managers and employers: when it comes to your loyal employees, money can't buy happiness. In fact, recent survey found that a whopping 78% of employees cited Recognition as the main motivat...




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