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What is Intrapreneurship?

STOP TALKING ABOUT INTRAPRENEURSHIP IMPLEMENT IT! WHY? Companies need to keep up with a fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, so they are looking for ways to drive innovation and change within their organizations. Intrapreneurship is more than another recipe for innovation – it is a completely different PERFORMANCE way of operating. INNOVATION In a time where employee engagement levels are at an all-time low, intrapreneurship offers employees the opportunity to add autonomy, mastery and purpose to their work - boosting engagement and performance as a result. Consumers and employees want their brands and employers to add meaning to their lives. Companies are looking for ways to generate value for society as well as financial value. Social intrapreneurship is the natural replacement of outdated CSR-strategies, often seen as PR-strategies only. POTENTIAL Soon to be the biggest group in the workplace, the entrepreneurial and connected Generation Y has clear expectations about work and a huge yet untapped potential for bringing about change. VALUE & STRATEGY WHAT IS INTRAPRENEURSHIP INNOVATION GROWTH Out of every 5000 employees, 250 are natural innovators and 25 are great intrapreneurs who can build your next business venture from scratch. Do you know who your intrapreneurs are and are you supporting them? Companies fostering intrapreneurs perform up to 20% better than their peers. Are you experimenting already with implementing intrapreneurship at your organization? EMPLOYEE Intrapreneurship empowers and motivates employees, so that they are happier and more committed. Highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87%. Time to implement intrapreneurship? ENGAGEMENT "Intrapreneurs are people working within organizations who are constantly looking for ways to make improvements, introduce new initiatives or change the way a company works. Essentially, as a company innovator, intrapreneurs give companies a competitive edge as they keep the company up-to-date with external changes, the competitive climate or enable cost efficiencies which impact the bottom line." - Neeta Patel "To my mind, social intrapreneurship is not a role in itself. Nor will it appear on any corporate organogram. It is not a new division, department or job title. Instead is much more of a mindset, behavior or attitude. Something that can manifest itself within any corporate function or individual." - Gib Bulloch "Virgin could never have grown into the group of more than 200 companies it is now, were it not for a steady stream of intrapreneurs who looked for and developed opportunities, often leading efforts that went against the grain." - Richard Branson INSPIRING EXAMPLES OF OUTCOMES CREATED BY INTRAPRENEURSHIP vodafone Life changing money transfer service "m-pesa" Allianz (1) Microinsurance for 20 million people O Like Facebook "Like" button developed in hackathon Post-it/ 3M Post-it Notes invented accidentally Brand Johnronafohnron Breakthrough in medical devices at Johnson & Johnson MEDICAL Toyota Prius sold over 2.6 mio cars TOYOTA PRIUS Sony Playstation invented as a side-project PlayStation. ENABLERS A- A corporate culture that empowers Innovation driven Beginning intrapreneurs usually have less developed entrepreunarial skills. Seasoned mentors can help navigating through difficulties and setbacks to stay in the course race Set clear definitions Internal collaboration and metrics for what is a must for intrapreneurship: bust the slios, break the walls by creating spaces for interaction and collaboration, events like individuals and bootcamps or hackathons not only deliver great ideas with sound business success means. leadership that pro-actively embraces Intrapreneurship is not a short game and intrapreneurs should potential, they also act as platforms for Scouting talent intrapreneurship not be sanctioned for launching internal professional social failing networks XOBSTACLES CORPORATE POLITICS COMPETING IDEAS BROKEN BALANCE UNCLEAR DIVISION A broken balance between the efforts Ideas don't gain momentum if they're seen as potentially competing with existing products or services, or threatening today's business Corporate politics can be a real obstacle for the An unclear division between the day to day responsibilities and the emergence of intrapreneurs, who need to fight back opposition. Be sure to build relationship and support before you need it. delivered by intrapreneurs and the recognition and rewards they get in return can be intrapreneurial project makes it less compelling for intrapreneurs to proceed taking their ideas further. relationships and positions. harmful to the intrapreneurs motivation. JOIN THE MAIN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTRAPRENEURSHIP AND LEARN MORE ABOUT INTERPRENEURSHIP You will be able to assess your organization's culture and its readiness for intrapreneurship, and to start creating the right environment for intrapreneurship You will be equipped with ideas and tools to start organizing intrapreneurship initiatives such as mentorship programs, bootcamps, incubators and rewards systems. You will be ready to support intrapreneurs in succeeding with their ideas and navigating through common obstacles such as corporate politics REGISTER NOW VIA WWW.INTRAPRENEURSHIPCONFERENCE.COM 11- 12 - 13 DECEMBER 2013 INTRAPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE.COM BARCELONA 考 ----

What is Intrapreneurship?

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All you needed to know about intrapreneurship in one infographic What is intrapreneurship ? Why is it a successful innovation and employee engagement strategy? What are the enablers and the obstacle...


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