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What is HTTP2?

What is HTTP/2? WHAT IS HTТР/2? 1. PERFORMANCES HTTP/2 is a newer, quicker way of transporting data between a browser and a web server Will speed up web page loading time, improve browsing experience and increase web security Google Second major version of the HTTP network protocol Based originally on Google’s SPDY protocol (network protocol) 1.8% WITH HIT 1.1 HTTP/2 Been developped very recently. Only 1.8% of websites for the moment use HTTP/2 It is expected to eventually take over HTTP1.1 WHY YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS TO SUPPORT HTTP/2 1 It will make your website load much quicker and will deliver better user satisfaction Internet studies show that better user L statisfation brings more attention, and therefore more revenue Chance of making a purchase ! O sec 3 sec Loading time For every second your site loads faster, it can increase purchase if they wait more than purchase value by 8% 40% of people will abandon a 3 seconds for the next page HTTP/2 works with SSL/TLS, so if you use HTTP/2, you also ensure data integrity and promote the use of encrypted connections 3 Servers can proactively fetch additional content to a visitor automatically in order to avoid extra loading time 4 THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/2 HTTP/1.1 HTTP/2 1 REQUEST MULTIPLE REQUESTS CLIENT SERVER CLIENT SERVER 1 RESPONSE 1 RESPONSE - Browsers request multiple pieces of the information at a time - Browsers make several requests for one piece of information at a time - It repeats this until a web page is fully loaded - The server will then push them all at once when required → This is why most web pages load slowly → As a result, it makes a website load much quicker HOW TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE SUPPORT HTTP/2 OR SPDY You need an SSL Certificate installed on your server Your customers need to use a browser that supports HTTP/2 - Chrome 46.0.2490 - Firefox 42.0 - Safari 8 - and IE 11 on Windows 8 You server needs to support both HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/2 as a fallback for older browser versions You'll need to configure your server software support HTTP/2. Ask your hosting company USEFUL HTTP/2 TOOLS Web Browsers that support HTTP/2 or SPDY Check if your website supports HTTP/2 or SPDY This wiki tracks known implementations of HTTP/2 O thawte SOURCES -browsing-desktop-mobile urting-everyones-revenue.htm

What is HTTP2?

shared by kaizensearch on Apr 29
Infographic covering why businesses need to consider changing the website to http2 and how to do it.




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