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What Happens When Work Is All Fun And Games

PITFALLS OF WORKPLACE GAMIFICATION 70% of workers are not engaged in their jobs. When used properly, gamification can boost employee productivity and happiness. However, results vary widely, and in many cases gamification is overused or misused. AT ITS BEST, GAMIFICATION CAN: TRACK EMPLOYEE ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROGRESS When asked about the most appealing part of games, popular responses included: REAL-TIME FEEDBACK ON PERFORMANCE III------II---- PROGRESSION TO DIFFERENT LEVELS POINTS/ A SCORING SYSTEM PROVIDE INSIGHTS/DATA ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE 70% of employees felt engagement software would help them perform better at work IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY ON ROTE TASKS 80% say they would be more productive if their university/institution or work was more game-like BEWARE, GAMIFICATION CAN HAVE THESE UNINTENDED SIDE-EFFECTS: DIMINISHED CREATIVITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING in 8 of 9 tasks across 3 examined experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance FATIGUE AND BOREDOM At the end of an 18-month period, participation rates at companies using gamification were 50% lower than companies using peer recognition EMPLOYEE FRUSTRATION Gamification undermines productivity when employees do not consent to participate in mandated games CHEATING, ABUSE, AND UNHEALTHY COMPETITION Gartner predicted that by 2014, 80% of current gamified apps will fail to meet business objectives, primarily due to poor design HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO USE GAMIFICATION PROPERLY: BEFORE YOU GAMIFY, FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE WORK INTERESTING 90% of workers said a fun work environment is very or extremely motivating CREATE THOUGHTFUL EXPERIENCES THAT BALANCE COLLABORATION WITH COMPETITION 76% of employees find praise from their peers to be extremely motivating MAKE IT VOLUNTARY, BUT IRRESISTIBLE TO PARTICIPATE 54% of employees indicated that they would be more likely or much more likely to perform a task if it had game elements EMPHASIZE FEEDBACK AND PROGRESS +10 pts 89% +35 pts +5 pts of respondents said a points system would increase engagement with an e-learning application MANY EMPLOYERS THINK OF GAMIFICATION AS A CURE-ALL FOR ENGAGEMENT, BUT IT'S A TOOL THAT NEEDS TO BE USED PROPERLY. O Bonusly Sources: Bonusly Internal Data _at_Work onetary-rewards-to-feel

What Happens When Work Is All Fun And Games

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Games can make any task more fun. At least, that’s many companies’ thoughts when implementing gamification in the workplace, to increase employee engagement. Employees think so too. Seventy percen...





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