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What Employers Can be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

What Employers Can be Thankful for This Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, that time of year when we reflect back òn what we're thankful for. Just like the Native Americans shared their knowledge with the pilgrims, here are some of the best job seekers looking to share their bounty with your company: GENERATIONAL CANDIDATES In the days of the first Thanksgiving, parents and children worked side-by-side to hunt and farm. Those settlers understood it took multiple generations coming together to achieve their goals. In the modern workplace, great candidates come from every age bracket: When I was your age we used two soup cans and a piece of string. Baby Boomer CHARACTERISTICS X Lives to work E Respects authority/hierarchy in the workplace X Loyal would like to stay with their current employer 65% until retirement X Likes being in charge ON-THE-JOB PREFERENCES X Prefers to learn soft skills on the job & hard skills through classroom instruction X Prefers a leader who has credibility WORKPLACE VALUES 82% 77% Use computers Meet deadlines 73% Willingness to learn 80% new things Organizational skills 78% Get along with people Dude, cell phones used to be the size of canned hams. Generation X CHARACTERISTICS | Works to live | Responds to instant gratification | Self-reliant and often choose to be seen as self-sufficient | Friends in high places X One of the best educated generations in history about 60% have some form of college education ON-THE-JOB PREFERENCES | Prefers learning hard & soft skills on the job X Prefers a leader who has credibility WORKPLACE VALUES 74% Willingness to learn 79% new things Use 72% computers 75% Speaking Clearly/ Concisely Get along with others 71% Мeet deadlines Generation Y LOL CHARACTERISTICS | Good at multitasking | Likes working with technology X Great collaborators & favor teamwork | Eager to learn and enjoy questioning things are motivated to work harder when they know where their work is going 95% | Value professional development X Seek Mentors felt it's important to be constantly learning on the job want a mentor 89% 75% X Confident and have high self-esteem ON-THE-JOB PREFERENCES X Prefer to learn both hard and soft skills on the job X Prefer a leader who listens well want higher-ups to listen to their ideas & opinions 95% WORKPLACE VALUES 58% 66% Willingness to learn 62% new things Use Мet deadlines computers 59% 55% Speak Clearly/ Concisely Multitasking ACTIVE V. PASSIVE CANDIDATES In the early days of the American settlement, some people hunted and others farmed the land. Today, some candidates are actively hunting for jobs while others are quietly growing their skills. Both can make for great talent for the right employer: Active Candidates CHARACTERISTICS are actively looking for a new job 74% 30% claim to search for jobs weekly 35% start preparing for their next job mere weeks after starting their current position HOW THEY SEARCH of active job searchers 29% use social media as their primary job search tool use online searching to find jobs 74% Passive Candidates CHARACTERISTICS or so fit the profile of a passive candidate 80% 36% are happily employed but open to accepting a new job 47% of professionals with less than 1 year on the job are willing to explore new job opportunities HOW THEY SEARCH rely on personal networks to find out about companies and opportunities are open to exploring new 40% possibilities if a recruiter 73% calls So employers. as you prepare to eat your Thanksgiving feast, remember you have plenty of candidates to be thankful for. presented by: spark Hire template=none&sc_cmp2=JP_Infographic_2012NewJobeHunt&pagever=2012NewJobHunt Sources:

What Employers Can be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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When one looks back on our nation's first Thanksgiving, not one generation took control to make this feast legendary. It took many generations to lend a helping hand for everything to come together. T...


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