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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

What does YOUR LOGO say about your business? COLOURS Striking Creative Yellow SUBWAY Attention grabbing, often used to pull in window shoppers m. Vitality |Controversy Orange SMOTOR B HARLEY-DAVIDSON GYCLES Either loved or hated, often used as call to action buttons online Energetic Proactive Red Increases heart rate, creates CocaCola Barbie la SENZA urgency, often used in sports teams Romance Pink Fermininity Brings on a feeling of happiness. used to market feminine products LN G ERIE Royal Eccentricty Purple Cadbury . of a feeling Liked by eccentrics, gives of sophistication, often used to market beauty products YAHOO! Trustworthy Securé Blue Parental feel, most used in branding particularly finance, travel and health caré Serenity Prestigė Green Easiest colour on the eye and the 2nd most used colour áfter blue Powerful Black Luxury Gives off a feeling of power, often used to market high end or masculine schwarzkopf FONTS Serif Dependable Notable Times new roman Book Antiqua Georgia Baskerville Reputable Conventional Sans Serif Widespread Contemporary Helvetica Arial Gotham Unblased Calibri Established Slab Serif FRESHMAN BOLD Rockwell Sturdy Museo Firm Chunkfive Current Script lobster Lucida script Sofia Nuptial Feminine Graceful Welcoming Interesting Modern EMPIRE Channel Eurostile Dosis DISTINCTIVE Chie Crisp Intelligent BRANDING We've analysed the most valuable brands to get an insight into the best design practices $98,316m $31,904m Google $93,291lm $31,839m Coca-Cola $79,213m $29,053m CISCO BM $78,808m DiSNEy $28,147m ip HMicrosoft $59,546m $25,843m $46,947m Gillette $25,105m M $41,992m $24,893m SAMSUNG $38,848m ORACLE $24,088m (intel) $37,257m amazon $23,620m $35,463m HONDA $18,490m TOYOTA COLOUR INSTANCES DEVICE USAGE 5% 20% 14% 35% icon & shape 40% font only 9% 12% 20% 20% 15% 10% font & shape icon only Brought to you by: dbp DiscountBannerPrinting Sources: | | |

What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

shared by nikkidavis on Feb 10
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“First impressions count” and “a picture speaks a thousand words” are clichés worth noting when it comes to creating a brand that connects a business with the customers who just simply get it...


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