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What To Do If Your Business Receives Negative Reviews

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR BUSINESS RECEIVES NEGATIVE REVIEWS It just takes one bad review. The source of the review is irrelevant. It may be from an actual unhappy customer, but it could just as easily come from the kind of customer who is simply impossible to please. The bad review could come from a disgruntled ex-employ- ee, or it could even be planted by one of your business rivals. The source is irrelevant; what matters is that the bad review is out there, on the Internet, for the whole world to see. What Not To Do When You Receive a Bad Online Review Deny the Problem Exists. Argue with the Reviewer. When a customer has a complaint, insisting that they're wrong in a public forum is a big mistake. Even if you're convinced that the problem was on their end, you should ac knowledge the issue. I's only natural to feel hurt or angry when someone posts negative criticism about your business. But responding in anger could cripple your reputation permanently because information stays on the Internet forever. In other words, never do this. Game the System. Do Nothing. Some business owners, foced with multiple negative reviews, have paid people to write positive reviews and counter the impact. This is not only a bad idea, but also comes with the very likely possibility that you'll get cought. For the most part, ignoring bad reviews in the hopes they'll go away is a poor strategy. Some conumer mie It sends o doesn't care when people have negative experiences. a messoge that your business What To Do When You Receive a Bad Online Review Apologize and ASK FOR INPUT Take an Respond with TACT OBJECTIVE LOOK Feedbock O Excellent O Good O Averoge Most often, the best response to an upset customer is to say you're sorry without qualifying the apology to redirect the blame toward the reviewer's foelings. Admit that a mistake was made, and ask what you can do to re- solve the situation. When you actively respond to negative online foodback about your small business, other potential custom- ers can see that you're engoged and that you care about your Poor If the review or comment is obviously not serious, or if the poster is using anger and abusive languogo, your best option is probably to ignore it. If possible, have it removed. Most consumer review sites offer a way to flog or report reviews that violate their terms of service. When addressing a negative review, keep it professional. Passive-aggressive or sarcastic comments will only fuel the flames. You can choose to respond privately or publicly, which helps to demonstrate to other readers that you're addressing the problem. customers. Ask for Reviews Ask your legitimate customers to write reviews, or use a service to do so like Reviewinc 5 Ways Negative reviews are good for business Create trust. Honest feedback. When we see a product or business with nothing but glowing reviews, we don't trust it. Nogative reviews provide balance. No one expechs a produd or service to be perfect for every person. Negative reviews help custom- ers confirm they con live with the produc's faults and/or the company's faults. You've probably heard that good keyword research and good copywriting involves targeting the terms that your customers use. Improve Better business decisions. your SEO. You've probably heard that good keyword research and good copywriting involves targeting the terms that your customers use. If one of your products or services continually gets negative a strong hint that you should dramatic improvements in the product/ service or just get rid of it altogether. Meodback from cuonake ,that's A Golden Opportunity A negative review is an opportunity for you to shine, to show you care about making things better-not only for the customer who left the negative review, but also for the countless others that are reading. Sources: http// http// of-consumers-trust-on st-online-re e-reviews-as-much-as-personal-recommendations-114152 INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY ReviewInc WHERE REVIEWS MEAN BUSINESS

What To Do If Your Business Receives Negative Reviews

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Negative reviews are not always a bad thing for your business. Learn more about what to do if your business gets negative reviews.


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