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What is crowd sourcing?

CROWD SOURCING crowd outsourcing The term "crowdsourcing" is a combination of these words. Timeline of major events 1714 The Longitude Prize: Finding a way to measure a ship's longitude by offering a 1884 monetary prize for the best solution. Volunteers helped catalogue the first Oxford English Dictionary. 1936 Toyota crowdsourced its first logo and brand name, receiving over 27,000 entries. art 2000 1970 iStockPhoto founded: 'C'était Paris en 1970' ('This The free stock imagery Was Paris in 1970') photo contest website allows public produced 70,000 1997 contributions. black-and-white prints and 30,000 color slides of the French capital. iStock. 2001 Launch of Wikipedia: "Free-access, free content, Internet encyclopedia". 2006 Jeff Howe coined the term crowdsourcing in Wired (magazine). WIKIPEDIA Die freie Enzyklopädie Crowdsourcing can be applied in many areas and many ways to: ·Save Cost · Accelerate Innovation Reinvent Work Models · Share Ideas Reinvent Business Models • Co-Create Reinvent Financial Models Engage Consumers or Citizens Increase Efficiency Open Innovation Microtasks Investors, designers, inventors, and marketers to collaborate into a functional profit making reality. Scanning images, proofreading, database correction and transcribing audio files. Breaks work up into tiny tasks and sends the work Crowdfunding to a crowd of people. Results within minutes. Crowdsource Design Used by artists, charities and start-ups to raise money for projects such as filming a documentary, manufacturing, Logo design, research or seed money. furniture, fashion, advertisements, video or product design, just about anything. Tell a crowd of designers Positives what you want, how much you Tips will pay and your deadline. Cheaper than hiring Don't be too cheap. This may dedicated professionals. result in below par results. Negatives Promote Have a Cheap labour = less and grow process for credible results. a company verifying for free. results. No contractual High volume of people. obligations Be specific. Make sure to ready to work anytime. can reduce make a detailed list task motivation. of what you require. Management issues from depth & breadth of a sourced crowd. The US Navy once created a pirate game based on real STATES NAVY UNITED. scenarios so that they could study the most effective CHIEFOF NAVAL PERSONNEL strategies used by gamers and put them into practice. On the TV show Who Wants to Crowdsourcing was used to Be a Millionaire? design the Australian flag. The crowd are 91% accurate in answering questions. CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA codes aren't just a way to tell humans and computers apart online, they are part of an epic crowdsourced translation project run by Google. CAPTCHA CODES ARE USED 200 MILLION H3LIO TheR3 TIMES EACH DAY. THE NUMBER OF WORDS DIGITISED BY type the two words: reCAPTCHA IS APPROX. 1.3 BILLION. WHICH HAS HELPED TO DIGITISE 20 YEARS OF THE NEW YORK TIMES IN JUST A FEW MONTHS. PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY Data sourced from http:/ ds owdsourcing http://crowdsourcingweek.c tomplatos/story/story.php?storyldm03605088 facts-you- didnt-know-about-crowdsourcing 36209 T: +44 (0)844 800 5256 F: +44 (0)844 800 5247 4 Wellington Court, Wellington Street, Cambridge, CB1 1HZ NK

What is crowd sourcing?

shared by Eavesy on May 17
Here I have a quality infographic from the folks at Professional Academy all about crowd sourcing. View the timeline of major events and learn about the positives and negatives of crowd sourcing.



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