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What could you do with £14 billion?

WHAT COULD YOU DO WITH £14 BILLION? That's the total amount the British banks have had to pay back their customers for mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). 14 billion pounds is equal to around 22.4 billion dollars. We wanted to find out what you could do with that much money. Here's what we came up with... You could host the LONDON OLYMPICS at a cost of £8.92 billion (and still have over £5 billion in change!) The world's most expensive car is the £3.3 million LAMBORGHINI VENENO ROADSTER You could buy 4,242 of them! THE QUEEN MARY 2 0o 00000 O000 luxury ocean liner cost $800 million 00 00 o 0000 DO00 O O O ODOO0000 28 You could buy a fleet of You would be richer than AFGHANISTAN which has a GDP of around £12.3 billion You would also be richer than Jamaica, Iceland, The Bahamas and Monaco! A week at the world's most expensive hotel suite in the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi would cost $1 million. 430 YEARS You could stay there for You could buy the entire HONDA MOTOR COMPANY and still have around £2.5 billion in change! You could also afford Pepsi, Nike, Ikea or Ebay! You could buy 164 GARETH BALES The world's most expensive footballer was bought by Real Madrid for £85 million YOU COULD TAKE THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF BATH INTO SPACE or at $250,000 per person with Virgin Galactic WHO HAS CLAIMED ALL THAT MONEY? Their largest ever payout was A GLADSTONE BROOKEST £90,726.45 LTD for a single claim Gladstone Brookes is a claims management company. Their typical customer claims back around In total they have claimed back £2,700 £362 MILLION That's £362 million that the banks have wrongly taken from their customers. What could that money have been used for instead? It could have built 25 SCHOOL NEW SCHOOLS at £14 million each .or BUILT A BRAND NEW HOSPITAL HOSPITAL for £200 million It could also pay the salary of 12,974 NURSES It could build 12O WIND TURBINES (enough to power Blackpool!) or it could build 4,309 NEW HOMES at £84,000 each You may have been mis-sold GLADSTONE BROOKES TD PPI with your loan, credit card or mortgage. Contact Gladstone Brookes today to see if you are due compensation. f @gladstonebrooke © 2013 Gladstone Brookes

What could you do with £14 billion?

shared by gladstonebrookes on Dec 03
£14 billion is the amount the UK banks have had to pay out to their customers for mis-selling PPI. Which got us thinking, what could you do with that much money?


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