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What Color Should Your Logo Be

Dove BRE paikiN Linked in LACOSTE SUBWAY RoOts CITGO Dropbox WO BRAUN SEGA airbnb lma Colors WHAT RVEI Cord NOKIA BC P WWF Sprile Ailay's DiSNEy Should Your S opicana utz. Nix m MC STER work 9 designs bble Google Vendy's ari gizer Tolgers Mia 0 Dove Gloria Jea COFFEE BЕ? mirates Sprie Chex mix OREO O DO DO NME QUAKER LEGE HERSHEY SUZUKI Cubery am MITSUBISHI at&t l, CISCO 150 HYUN TOBLERONE Levi's The color implementation can bring manifold layers of meaning, from primeval responses based on millions of years of developed instinct to the multifaceted connotations we make based on well-read assumptions. Brands can use these reactions to underline and accent their branding messages. HERE ARE THREE QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN SELECTING A COLOR THEME FOR YOUR LOGO WHAT DIFFERENT COLORS MEAN? Understanding the psychology of colors is important to designing an effective logo. RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE Passion Innovation Sunny Natural Professionalism Energy Modern Friendly Ethical Integrity Danger Youth Appetizing Growth Calm Warmth Approachability Warm Freshness Success PURPLE BLACK WHITE BROWN PINK Wisdom Sophistication Purity Masculine Fun Dignity Villainy Cleanliness Rural Flirty Wealth Death Simplicity Practical Feminist Luxury Bold Naiveté Outdoor Cute WHETHER TO USE SINGLE OR MULTIPLE COLORS? Single color maximizes impact. Multiple-color scheme implies diversity. Google ebay TARGET Cadbury NBC WIPRO Applying Thought 3. WHERE ARE YOUR CLIENTS BASED? LOCAL TICKETCITY EAXSON'S RetailMeNot ICE CREAM Tatsu TAARLOR FOUR SEASONS ramen witha soul GOLF AND SPORTS CLUB If your clients are local, choose colors that resonate well with the geographic and cultural feel of the region. If you are targeting a global audience, consider cultural differences in the ways colors are interpreted. Such as red is considered lucky in China while white is the color of death and mourning in India. Ford cíti Kellogg's TM GLOBAL BONUS TIP: CONSIDER COLOR BLINDNESS 1 in 12 suffer from color blindness. There's a strong chance that your logo will end up be reproduced in monochrome. Therefore, ensure that your color choice underlines and boosts the logo design – but doesn't delineate it. dn DesignMantic 2.

What Color Should Your Logo Be

shared by DesignMantic on Jun 30
While establishing your brand, one of the most impactful selections you can make is to select a color palette for your brand. Choosing the right logo colors not only help you attract the right custome...


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