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What is a Chief Learning Officer? (INFOGRAPHIC)

eLearning Mind PRESENTS CHIEF LEARNING OFFICERS Everything You Need to Know What is a CLO? A chief learning officer is in charge of a company's corporate learning program. The CLO helps formulate strategies for training, learning & development, and disseminating knowledge and information through technology. The first CLO was Steve Kerr, hired in 1990 by Jack Welch to oversee GE's learning and development. Notable Modern CLOS: Amy Hayes Facebook. Global head of Learning & Development for 9,500 employees. pwc QUALCOMM Tom Evans Tamar Elkeles Qualcomm. 2010 CLO of the year. In charge of learning for 23,000 employees. PwC. 2014 CLO of the year. In charge of development for 39,000 employees. Chief Learning Officers GENDER BREAKDOWN AVERAGE SALARY San Francisco, CA New York-Manhattan, NY Los Angeles, CA 45% O 55% Boston, MA female male Washington, DC Houston, TX Seattle, WA Dallas, TX Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA 60K 80K 100K 120K 140K Where Do CLOS Work? Greater NYC Area Greater Denver Area San Francisco Bay Area Greater Chicago Area 10% 4% 5% **** 3% 2.5% 5.5% 2.5% Greater Boston Area 4% 3.5% Baltimore Greater Los Angeles Area Greater Philadelphia Area Dallas/Fort Worth Area Greater Atlanta Area [Self-reported by 1550 CLO's on Linkedin] 1.5% 1% >1% • Seattle • Minneapolis • Raleigh-Durham • Phoenix • St. Louis • Portland • Indianapolis • Jacksonville • Orange County • Milwaukee • Detroit • Charlotte • Orlando • San Diego • Tampa/St. Petersburg • Ceveland/Akron • Austin • Richmond • Sacramento • Cincinnati What Industries Do CLOS Work In? Education Management 12% Professional Training 11.50% Human Resources 10% Management Consulting 9.50% Hospital, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 8.50% eLearning 6.50% Government Administration 5.50% Higher Education 4% Financial Services & Banking 3.50% Non-Profit 3% j Information Technology 2.50% Defense & Space 1% Other 22% [Self-reported Linkedin industries] How Many Years Of Professional Experience Do CLOS Have? 1-10 years 8% 10-20 years 48% 20+ years 44% Many Fortune 50 Companies Employ CLOS, Including: citigroup Bankof America. J.P.Morgan Goldman Sachs hp HESS Relevant Industry Statistics In 2014, $70 billion In 2015, $160+ billion spending on spent on spent on eLearning will reach learning & corporate training $107 billion development annually What Does A CLO Do? RESPONSIBILITIES: DAY TO DAY JOB TASKS: Develops an organization's educational process. Reviews all training modules. Promotes knowledge management. Ensures that learning sessions are engaging & memorable. Communicates daily with managers on employee progress. Institutes effective training strategies. Directs large scale change management (if applicable). Communicates daily with C-suite to maintain symmetry. Oversees and institutes latest technology. Reviews macro-level HR processes. Promotes importance of learning & ROl to shareholders. Assists with learning & development for in-house processes. Core Learning Principles Used By CLOS: Instructional Design Blended Learning Mobile Learning Learning Management Systems Micro Learning Gamification Social Learning References: | || | | | elm Brought to you by @elearningMind elearning Mind ГIП ......

What is a Chief Learning Officer? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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What is a chief learning officer? What do they do? When was this position created? All of these questions and more are answered in our brand new infographic. Some other topics covered in regard to ...


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