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What CEOs Should Know About Employee Engagement

BROUGHT TO YOU BY WHAT EVERY BUSINESS LEADER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DOMO ΕMPLΟΥ Ε Ε CEO .com ENGAGEMENT WHAT IS THE STATE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN 2013, AND HOW CAN SAVVY EXECUTIVES AND ENTREPRENEURS MAKE THEIR EMPLOYEES MORE COMMITTED? ACCORDING TO A STUDY BY BLESSINGWHITE THE STATE OF ENGAGEMENT IN NORTH AMERICA.….. 33% OF EMPLOYEES ARE ENGAGED 49% ARE SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN 18% OF EMPLOYEES ARE DISENGAGED SATISFACTION PRECEDES ENGAGEMENT Before employees can be fully engaged, they must first have a basic level of job satisfaction. Here are what employees say will increase that satisfaction: 25% 25% More opportunities A better relationship to do what I do best with my manager 2% Other More flexible job conditions 13% 5% Greater clarity about my own work preferences and career goals 5% More challenging work Career development 9% 8% 8% opportunities and training Improved cooperation among my coworkers Greater clarity about what the organization needs me to do-and why BROUGHT TO YOU BY DOMO ENGAGED OR DISENGAGED? ENGAGED EMPLOYEE ANALYSIS DISENGAGED EMPLOYEE ANALYSIS These employees are typically more mature and more likely to know exactly what they want out of their careers. the largest group of disengaged employees comes from Generation Y (those born between the years of 1978-1994) Employees with greater decision-making power in the organization tend to be more engaged. Those with lower level positions tend to be less engaged, as position on the corporate ladder correlates with engagement. Employees with an engaged attitude are more likely to distance themselves from their peers and Younger employees lack a firm grasp of their strengths and long-term goals, which makes them more prone to dissatisfaction. be promoted, thus rising to the top. Consistently, employees closest to the clients and most critical BROUGHT TO YOU BY to delivering on the short-term strategy have the highest levels of engagement. DOMO ENGAGEMENT FOLLOWS TRUST As trust in both management RTRUST and senior leadership increases, so does employee engagement. Globally, a greater percentage of the workforce trust managers more than executives. WHY IT MATTERS 19% 87% of engaged employees would stay if offered AVERAGE employment elsewhere In contrast, low-engagement organizations suffered a Organizations with high employee engagement experienced a 40% |44% total shareholder total shareholder return that was return that was 19% higher 44% lower than average. than average. of disengaged employees said they Would leave WHAT ELSE CAN BUSINESS LEADERS DO TO EARN TRUST AND INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT? LET US KN OW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY HTTP://www.BLESSINGWHITE.COM/EEE__REPORT.ASP DOMO CEO .com DOMO.COM

What CEOs Should Know About Employee Engagement

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Do your employees enjoy their job? Better yet, do they care enough about the company to put their whole hearts into their work?


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