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What Causes Spongy Brake Pedal in Your Mercedes from Experts in Louisville

SMI Automotive Service WHAT CAUSES SPONGY BRAKE PEDAL IN YOUR MERCEDES FROM EXPERTS IN LOUISVILLE Mercedes is one of the most sought-after cars by the Millennials. The popularity of Mercedes can be gauged from the number of cars one gets to see on the road of Louisville. However, of late, drivers have been complaining about the spongy brake pedal in their Mercedes. HERE ARE THE CAUSES BEHIND THE SPONGY BRAKE PEDAL IN YOUR MERCEDES. LEAKS IN THE BRAKE LINE One of the most common causes of a spongy brake pedal is a brake line leak. When the brake fluid leaks out, the fluid level becomes too low to apply adequate force to the brake pads. This makes the brake pad feel soft underfoot with little to no resistance. The main causes behind fluid leaks include damage from road debris, corrosion, or simple we & tear. AIR IN THE BRAKE LINES Brake fluid is the only sustance that should be in your braklines. As the air gets into the brake system, the pedal will feel spongy because there is not adequate fluid present. One potential caase of air in the system is the natural wear and tear of your brake pads. The thmner the pads get, the more fluid is neededto transf the force for your pedal. MASTER CYLINDER WEAR The master cylinder is the part of the braking system that pushes the fluid through the brake lines. It does this by converting the force of your foot pushing the pedal into hydraulic pressure that moves the fluid. Just like line wear can cause brake fluid leakage, so can a worn master cylinder. Leak from worn cylinders seals will lead to insufficient pressure from the pedals and cause a spongy feel. CONCLUSION The above-mentioned factors are some of the causes behind the spongy brake pedal in your Mercedes. Take your Mercedes to a certified repair shop for fixing the brake issues.

What Causes Spongy Brake Pedal in Your Mercedes from Experts in Louisville

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Mercedes is one of the most popular luxury cars among the Millennials and is known for its powerful performance and advanced features. However, these features don’t make your Mercedes immune to issu...




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