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What Can You Learn From The Resumes of These 3 Famous People

Exceptional Career Achievements in One Page Career Elon Musk CEO , Entrepreneur , Engineer , Inventor SUMMARY Aiming to " make life multi - planetary and establish a human colony on Mars to reduce " risk of human extinction " . Dedicated to mitigate global warming through sustainable energy production and consumption . WORK EXPERIENCE Founder / The Boring Company 2017 - Present . Secured a $ 48 million contract to build an underground loop system from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority • Won a contract by the city of Chicago to provide high - speed transportation between the city center and O'Hare airport Co - Founder , Former Chairman / SolarCity 2006 - Present • Facilitated a partnership between SolarCity and Tesla to use the batteries from electric cars to reduce the impact of rooftop solar on the electrical grid • Providing the initial idea and financial resources CEO and Product Architect / Tesla Motors 2004 - Present • Oversee the company's product strategy at the moment , which includes the creation of increasingly inexpensive electric vehicles for the general public • Insisted on utilizing carbon fiber composite materials in the hull in order to reduce weight . Also created a battery module and other design elements , like the headlamps • Won a 2006 Global Green product design award for the design of the Tesla Roadster CEO , Founder / SpaceX 2002 - Present • Plans to lower the cost of space travel to help humans inhabit Mars • Oversee the development of rockets and spacecraft for mission to Earth orbit and eventually other planets • Developed the Falcon 9 spacecraft , which , after the space shuttle's retirement in 2011 , took its position CEO / PayPal 03 / 1999-10 / 2002 • Developed a mechanism for safely sending money to a recipient using their email address Bill Gates Founder , CEO , Philanthropist Summary Founded the software company , Microsoft , with Paul Allen , and spent 13 years as world's richest man from 1995 to 2008. He stepped down as chairman in 2004 to focus on charitable work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . Non - Profit Experience Founder , Co - Chair / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2000 - Present • Dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty and enhancing healthcare globally Grew $ 46.8 billion endowment • Directed millions of dollars to support for agricultural development , contraception , and the treatment of infectious diseases Developed a policy for open access to data and publications Spearheaded health research initiatives across all continents • Signatory of The Giving Pledge Work Experience Founder , CEO / Microsoft 1975-2000 • Created the PC DOS operating system in collaboration with IBM Built operating system Microsoft Windows Grew Windows to 90 % market share of personal computer operating systems • Supervised the purchasing of Forethought , Inc. Supervised the creation of Microsoft Office Grew revenue in 2000 to $ 22.96 billion • Grew Microsoft's workforce to around 55,000 people Additional Experience . Founder of bgC3 , a think tank and research company . Founder of Branded Enterntainment Network , a marketing and licensing company . Founder of TerraPower , a nuclear reactor design company STEVE JOBS Entrepreneur , Visionary , Designer , Investor 123-456-7890 [email protected] Alta Mesa Memorial Park SUMMARY Co - founder of Pixar Animation Studios , NeXT Inc. , and Apple Computer Company ( now Apple Inc. ) . A creative thinker who is passionate about technology and building tools and programs that make life simpler . WORK EXPERIENCE Chief Executive Officer APPLE INC . | 1997 - 2011 • Introduced ground - breaking products with innovative designs , including the iMac ( the best - selling personal computer in its first year of release ) , the iBook , the iPod ( the top MP3 player on the market ) , iTunes , and the iPhone • Regained the company's profitability and icon status in only three years , later propelling it to a market capitalization value of $ 351.5 billion • Presented eagerly awaited and memorable keynote speaches ( known as Stevenotes ) to announce releases and demonstrate products Founder The Graphics Group ( now Pixar Animation Studios ) | 1986-2006 • Introduced powerful rendering tools like RenderMan 3D and high - end computer graphics workstations • Signed with Disney and produced over 10 hit movies , including Academy Award - winning movies like Finding Nemo , The Incredibles , Ratatoulle , Wall - E , Up , and Toy Story 3 • Innovative thinking assisted in the expansion and take the company public Co - Founder NEXT | 1985 - 1997 • Designed a technologically cutting - edge workstation computer for the education industry , of which Tim Berners - Lee used a replica to create the World Wide Web • Introduced products that use cutting - edge technologies including the Mach kernel , a digital signal processor chip , and an integrated Ethernet port • Introduced the WebObjects framework and the NEXTSTEP operating system Co - Founder Apple Computer Company | 1976 - 1985 . Founded the business and aided in its rise to prominence in the sector , with its original IPO price of $ 22 per share jumping to $ 29 on the first trading day • Unveiled the Apple II computer , one of the first mass - produced microcomputer systems and the company's first consumer product • Supervised the creation of several widely praised products , including The Lisa and Macintosh ( now Mac ) • Designed and choreographed unique marketing initiatives and public relations strategies for new product launches C + 123-456-7890 X [email protected] 9 Los Angeles , USA G 9 ACHIEVEMENTS IEEE Honorary Membership ( 2015 ) Businessperson of the year by Fortune Magazine ( 2013 ) WSJ Innovator of the Year Award in Technology ( 2011 ) FAI Gold Space Medal ( 2010 ) SKILLS Product Development Forward Thinking Cutting - Edge Innovation . Marketing Expert Space Exploration Corporate Leadership EDUCATION BS in Economics 09/1992 - 06/1995 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania X + 123-456-7890 BS in Physics 09/1992 - 06/1995 Penn's College of Arts and Sciences [email protected] Seattle , WA Education Pre - Law ( incomplete ) 1973-1975 Harvard University 1500 SAT score Graduate - level courses in Computer Science and Mathematics . Skills & Qualities Business Development Product Strategy Lifelong Learning Focus Big Picture Caring Passionate EDUCATION Physics and Philosophy ( incomplete ) Reed College 1972-1974 ACHIEVEMENTS Presidential Medal of Freedom ( posthumous , 2022 ) Steve Jobs Theatre inaugurated at Apple Park ( posthumous , 2017 ) Edison Achievement Award ( posthumous , 2012 ) The Most Powerful Person in Business by Fortune Magazine ( 2007 ) Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World ( 2004-2010 ) Entrepreneuer of the Decade by Inc. Magazine ( 1989 ) Jefferson Award for Public Service ( 1987 ) National Medal of Technology ( 1985 ) SKILLS Product Development Forward Thinking Free Resume Templates by CAREERRELOAD Cutting - Edge Innovation Marketing Expert Space Exploration Corporate Leadership

What Can You Learn From The Resumes of These 3 Famous People

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To demonstrate that anyone (really anyone) can maintain a resume length of one page, we created custom resumes for Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.


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