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What is Big Data?

BIG DATA 2015 202O 2.5 QUINTILLION BYTES OF DATA IN THE WORLD 110 QUINTILLION BYTES OF DATA IN THE WORLD ESTIMATED M56 ASKING SOMEBODY TO MANUALLY HANDLE BIG DATA, IS LIKE ASKING SOMEBODY TO CATEGORISE ALL THE F87 GRAINS OF SAND ON A BEACH... IT CAN'T BE DONE. THE MOST COMMON FORMS OF DATA ANALYSED BUSINESS DOCUMENTS SENSOR BLOGS SOCIAL E-MAIL TRANSACTIONS DATA MEDIA f 30 BILLION PIECES 175 MILLION TWEETS PROCESSED OF CONTENT SHARED ON FACEBOОК 20,000 TERABYTES OF DATA A DAY ARE POSTED FROM 65 MILLION ACCOUNTS EVERY MONTH. EVERY DAY. IN 2008. 9806314634578 $3.2 Big Data can be classified as data sets of such size and complexity that many commonly used software packages that are generally used to collect, collate, manage and process information are not capable of analysing such large quantities of data within a tolerable elapsed time. Big Data is a set of techniques and technologies that require new forms of integration to uncover hidden values from large datasets. BILLION IN 2010 BIG DATA MARKET GROWTH $19.9 BILLION IN 2015 ... 657465836258 HD 2.7 ZETTABYTES 200 BILLION + OF DATA EXIST IN THE DIGITAL HD MOVIES - WHICH WOULD UNIVERSE TODAY WHICH TAKE A PERSON 47 MILLION IS EQUAL TO: YEARS TO WATCH. BUSINESS BENEFITS 2 1 IMPROVING EFFECTIVENESS BUILDING NEW & LOWER THE COST OF APPLICATIONS: EXISTING APPLICATIONS: Optimising customer experiences & efficiently using resource by analysing instantaneously collected data from real-time Open-source technologies can be implemented more efficiently than the highly-customised, expensive standard solution systems running on commodity hardware. F87 products, services, resources and customer intelligence R12 3. 4 REALISING NEW SOURCES OF INCREASED CUSTOMER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: LOYALTY: Reaction times can be reduced, allowing businesses to adapt to changes faster than competitors. Increasing the speed, precision and amount of data shared within an organisation allows a business to rapidly and accurately respond to customer demand. R12 W46 657465836258 90% OF DATA IN THE WORLD TODAY... ...HAS BEEN CREATED IN THE LAST TWO YEARS ALONE R12 BIG DATA CAN BE DESCRIBED BY THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS VERACITY VARIETY COMPLEXITY VELOCITY VARIABILITY The quality of the data being captured. Accuracy of analysis depends on the veracity of the source. Referring to the inconsistency shown by data at times, potentially hampering the process of being managed effectively. The category to which the data Data needs to be The speed data is generated to meet linked, connected belongs needs to be defined for effective analysis. and correlated in order to grasp the information that demands and challenges. is conveyed. F87 42574284588456 THE BIG READ - WE KNOW ITS LONG, BUT WE THINK IT'S WORTH A READ! VOLUME VARIETY VELOCITY A typical PC might have had 10 gigabytes of storage in 2000. Today, Facebook ingests 500 terabytes of new data every day and a Boeing 737 will generate 240 terabytes of flight data during a single flight across the US. Big Data isn't just numbers, dates and strings. Big Data is also geospatial data, 3D data, audio and video and Clickstreams and ad impressions capture user behavior at millions of events per second; high-frequency stock trading algorithms reflect market changes within microseconds; machine to machine processes exchange unstructured text, including log files and social media. Traditional database systems were designed to address data between billions of The proliferation of smart phones, the data they create and consume; sensors embedded into everyday objects will soon result in billions of new, smaller volumes of structured devices; infrastructure and data, fewer updates or a predictable, consistent data structure. Traditional sensors generate massive log data in real-time and on-line gaming systems support millions of concurrent users, database systems are also designed to operate on a single server, making increased capacity expensive and finite. As applications have evolved to serve large volumes of users and as application development practices have become agile, the traditional use of the relational database constantly-updated data feeds containing environmental, location, and other information, each producing multiple inputs per second. These are just a few examples of the velocity of Big Data. including video. has become a liability for many companies rather than an enabling factor in their business. Big Data databases solve these problems and provide companies with the means to create tremendous business value. 42574284588456 PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY T: +44 (0)844 800 5256 F: +44 (0)844 800 5247 4 Wellington Court, Wellington Street, Cambridge, CB1 1HZ Data sourced from 657465836258 9806314634578

What is Big Data?

shared by Eavesy on Mar 17
Here is a decent infographic from a UK marketing course website called The Professional Academy all about big data. The infographic is broken down into sections including the amount of big data, forms...


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