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What Authors Say About Blogging

What Authors Say About Blogging "Remember that your blog should be a CONVERSATION. Sure, share "For me, blogging serves a multitude of purposes. It lets your experiences, the angstof writing, what funny thing the kids said (they'll hate/love you for it!). But remember to ask your readers readers glimpse who lam as a person and not an author, it keeps my writing skills sharp, and it allows me to work out potential story questions and include them in the blog via comments, suggestions, contests, give-aways, and more. You'll not only develop more avid ideas." Billy Coffey Author of In the BEark the fans, but also discover what your Wood audience wants you to write-and then you can give it to them." Amy Shojai Author of Lost And Found: September Day Series "Blogging allows an author to drive awareness of book content/author expertise. It serves asa platform for the author to further expand on "Don't blog daily. You will kill topics in the book and is a good way to become more visible in searches yourself, and bore your readers. Once a week is fine, twice a week at on the topic." most. An established schedule can Diane Gage Lofgren & Margaret Bhola Authors of women I Want to Grow old with be helpful for both you and your readers - you don't have to rack your brain quite as hard if you know that this week is a certain type of post, and readers know when to check in for the particular posts they're interested in." Ciara Ballintyne Author of The Seven Circies of Hell series "Blogging h my author's identity. No matter elped me establish what I write, whether it's a fiction or promotional piece, I check and recheck my information to ensure the post looks clean and attractive "Only start blogging if you find that you can't stop jotting down ideas or keep thinking of topics you'd like to before I publish it. My blog is a reflection of me, so I treat it as a professional calling card each timel post." write about for a public audience. The sharper your focus, the easier it will be. Don't be afraid of dropping one blog idea for another one. Your second or third attempt at a blog Eden Baylee Author of Stranger at sunset may be the one that succeeds. This is all an experiment, and there's no shame in trying something different if you don't think your first blog can be sustainable." Ed Cyzewski "Blog about your passions. Don't Author of The Good News of Revelation treat your website like a billboard, but as place to share information. Build community by asking questions in your posts and respond to comments. When people comment on your blog, visit their blogs and comment there. Even authors who don't blog should have websites in their name (not "Blogging is a great way to connect with readers and followers. Ideally, your followers will interactwith you and with each other in the, but with information about their books. It helps potential readers see that the authorsare comments section, if you have a "real people. leading call to action (asking them to comment and discuss." Kari Neumeyer Author of B ark and Lunge: Joshua Graham Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes New York Times Bestselling Author www.Josһua-Grahaт.с от "Be consistent. If decide to blog prior to your book's release, you won't begin to see and reap the "They should blog about anything they want. The blog reflects the author and I want to know more benefits unless you've been writing them consistently and often for about the author than just his take on his book." some time. I know there are other schools of thought about this. I do know that as a result of my blogging, Kent Hinckley I have been approached by multiple brands to try products (all of which, if I do, they must offer the product in a giveaway on my site).. So- whether you blog often, or not, be Author of Hearts, Minds, and Coffee: A Vietnam Peace odyssey w consistent. Also, EDIT your work. Pay someone to edit it, if you must. Just be sure your work is pristine. It is your calling card." "Be consistent in your posting times, so that your readers know they can Lisa Jey Davis Author of Ms.Cheevious In Hollywood: My Zany Years spent Working in Tinsel Town rely on you. And don't just cross- post or share content without any comment on it; give the link a little introduction and/or explain why you think your readers ought to click www.msc through." Lynne Cantwell Author of Pipe Woman Chronicies Series "Be smart and creative. Write in www. hearth ways that make your audience stretch while also giving them a foundation of education they can both rely on and access through posts that are stimulating, inspiring and lead to conversations." "Do it soon, before your book is out- -before the first word is written. Talk about your book, the struggles, Michele Rosenthal Author of B efore the worid Conquering the Past a the Future the things you've found that help the process, etc. Become known, get readers, establish a Social Media Intruded, CIEating t presence. ALL of that helps for your first book release." R.S. Guthrie Author of Blood Land: A James Pruett Mystery "Be interesting; don't be a slave to it; offer value to the blog readers. I do it because l've been told an "Blogging helped me find my core readers, the few who were waiting author should, and I'm afraid to stop..but I wish I could." to read the book when it came out. I found those readers by adding value to them, spiritually and strategically, being vulnerable and sharing details of writing, publishing, and promotional activities. I try to Richard L Mabry, MD Author of Critical Condition encourage others to be their highest selves, which helps me become my highest self." Shirley Hershey Showalter Author of Blush: A Menn onite Giri Meets a Glittering world "Don't post something just to keep a cadence. There is a lot of fluff out there, and I suspect that some authors are posting becausethey feel like they have to. I am blogging less frequently now as I write more books. But when I do post, I try to "Blogging helped me not only find an audience but refine my message. make it meaningful." I tried things out on my blog when considering using them in one of my books. It helped focus the books, Steven Ramirez Author of Dead Is All Fou Get: Book Two of THE DEAD SERIES too." Victoria Noe Author of Friend Grief series How Often Do They Blog? Which Social Media is Helping Them Most 12-3 Blog Posts a Week 100% I Blog Weekly Once 50% 12-3 Blog Posts a Montł 0% Google+ Pinterest Blog Monthly Once Other Twitter Other Goodreads Susan Gilbert Website Conversion and Social Media Expert Focusing on your SUCCESS. Facebook Linked In

What Authors Say About Blogging

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There are several reasons you should add a blogging strategy to your author marketing today. I sent out a query to many author contact and/or clients a few months ago, asking who was blogging, did th...


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