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What Is Asset Tracking

WHAT IS ASSET TRACKING? Asset tracking is what gives an organization a complete picture of the assets it owns and allows them to manage the movements and amounts of internal tangible and intangible assets. WHAT IS AN ASSET? ( An "asset" is any item of value that a business uses. TANGIBLE ASSETS: INTANGIBLE ASSETS: Computers, mobile phones, furniture, Software licenses, service contracts, copy machines, and vehicles grants, and patents WHO TRACKS ASSETS? Healthcare Government Financial Services Manufacturing IT Services Education Human Resources Retail Travel Construction ASSET VS. INVENTORY TRACKING ( [ ASSET ] [INVENTORY ] Manages location of internal resources needed to continue operating Manages products that are sold, distributed, or consumed Tracks items being lent out with the Tracks receiving, storing, shipping, and the sale of products expectation they will be returned Monitors depreciation, maintenance, tors inventory turns, age, and warranty contracts and reorder levels HOW IT WORKS Load software Scan barcoded asset Communicate Update software back to PC REASONS TO TRACK ASSETS 80,000 64% 30 Dollars minutes THE AVERAGE SCHOOL DISTRICT LOSES PER YEAR BUSINESSES CONDUCT MANUAL SEARCHES AT LEAST ONCEA DAY BECAUSE OF LOST OR DAMAGED IT ASSETS TO LOCATE INVENTORY OR ASSETS 64% OF SEARCHES TAKE 30 MINUTES OR LONGER 30% 437,000 ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE IN A O "CHAOTIC" STATE Dollars DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY OWN, WHERE THE ASSETS ARE LOCATED, AND WHO IS USING THEM ANNUAL LOSSES AS A RESULT OF LOST ASSETS & INVENTORY THAT 10% OF COMPANIES SAY THEIR BUSINESSES WRITE-OFF IN EXCESS BENEFITS OF ASSET TRACKING ( Periodically reviewing and preventative maintenance Saves The return on investment Organizations that (ROI) in an IT Asset Management program manage their assets accurately will typically reduces the total cost of ownership 4 hours a week achieve 20% with a workforce cost savings per 500. This equates to $6 million over of hardware and software in the range of managed asset within 10% to 30%. 1 year. nine months. Easily boost profit and productivity! COMPLETE SOLUTION All-in-one asset tracking solutions use +1 integrated barcode labeling software to track, manage, and generate reports based on asset data. Software Mobile Computer Label Printer Wasp. SOURCES: BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES Wasp Barcode Technologies provides productivity solutions for small business. Products include inventory software, asset tracking, time and attendance, barcode scanners, barcode printers, barcode software, and Point of Sale (POS) systems. management.html management-benefits-revealed.html With over 275,000 customers Wasp solutions help small business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability. Leam more at CREATED BY: Uma Maturi

What Is Asset Tracking

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This infographic compiles a few stats and tips to help you better understand the process and how to manage your business assets more efficiently.


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