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What are the Signs Associated With a Failing Knock Sensor

SOLOMOTORSPORTS WHAT ARE THE SIGNS ASSOCIATED WITH A FAILING KNOCK SENSOR Engine knock, pre-ignition & pre- Engine knock is only harmful These knock sensors are detonation are explosions in the when it occurs at high loads. designed to detect these combustion chamber. unplanned explosions. Here are the signs of a failing knock sensor in your car Illumination of engine warning light • One of the first signs you will notice is the illumination of warning light. ITIT 5 6 • You should get the vehicle inspected when you see the warning light on the dashboard. behind the • There can be many illumination of the warning light. reasons • You shouldn't ignore the warning light & get your car inspected. Abnormal noise When the knock sensor malfunctions, you will get to ear loud r from your car. • The longer you take to fix the problem, the louder those noises will become. • The noise occurs due to the ignition of the air and fuel mixture inside the cylinder. When the mixture reaches the combustion point it explodes. Poor engine performance • Poor acceleration is a sign of a failing knock sensor in your car. • The worst sign is when the internal engine components become damaged. • You will also experience a burning smell coming from the engine of your car. • The fuel economy of your car will also reduce drastically. CONCLUSION • These are the signs associated with a failing knock sensor in your car. • Take your car to a certified repair shop to get the knock sensor replaced.

What are the Signs Associated With a Failing Knock Sensor

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In the combustion chamber of the engine, the explosions are commonly created by the pre-ignition process, engine knocks, and pre-detonation. The engine knocking is a harmful problem of the car that ca...


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