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What are Hiring Managers Thinking?

WHAT ARE HIRING THINKING? MANAGERS THINKING? Wondering what's on the minds of HR and hiring managers? So were we. Vbit surveyed more than 1300 attendees at the SHRM 2012 summer conference to learn how they are finding, hiring, and retaining great employees Here's what they told us. WHICH TWO QUALIFICATIONS ARE MOST DIFFICULT TO FIND IN CURRENT CANDIDATES? 000 40% Induty 21% Cenmunicatin 20% einy Adaptabity 12% Farnion 4% Hecently Employed "Exparierce Skils WHAT ARE YOU MISSING? Companies are looking for the perfect employee-but nobody's perfect. Here's what employers want to see more o: INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE IS A CATCH-22 You need experience to get the job, but need the job to get experience. Stuck? Get hands-on experience by volunteering - many non-profits appreciate professional assistance in a range of business arsas. COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE ESSENTIAL If you're considering training to improve your job prospects, a writing or public speaking oourse may have more beneft than software or job skils training. ADAPTABILITY/FLEXIBILITY The "new nomal" means companies need employees to wear more than one hat. Embrace this mindset as a way to broaden your skils % meparoed Oter, 2 not pnd DOES YOUR COMPANY OFFER ANY RETENTION BENEFITS? Salary incmase LOOKING TO STICK AROUND? Good companies know you hawe a choice about where you work-and try to make their company the best choice. What are they doing to kaep their talent? Inproving Berefits Atress WerL Balance 29% increase 21% provide carer 0% increase 17% paths and raring 19* enef salaries Na Formal Progan There's more to a great job than the paycheck. Ask your interviewer what the company does to enoourage employee growth and retention. 11% Create Career Paths/Taining 21% *1% rasponded Oter, de nat ped 10% 20A 30% HOW ARE YOU LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA IN RECRUITING? OPPORTUNITY KNO CKS-CLICKS Cadtereerch 20% Employers are using social media to make hiring decisions: Dond use 14% 55% are sourcing candidates on social media 12% am researching jeb applicants To improve your chancCeS, maka sure your professional networking sites are up-to-date and kay-word rich, and that you personal pages are also professional and presentable. Intend conuriaen tol 14% RULE OF THUMB Hring managers and recruiters won't differentiate between your "professional" and "personal" posts-whatever they see can have an impadt. Adjust your privacy settings accordingly but assume everyone can see what you post. Pracke sirg 27% Appiant esardh 12% " ddnat respand ARE YOU EXPERIENCING A TIGHTENING CANDIDATE POOL FOR THE FOLLOWING SKILLSETS? 20% 10% () Mill Adrinststve Light Industrial DN Inormetion Anance and Accounting 12N Digtal and Mable Tech 12% Protessional Engreeing 17% Contact Center 3% Techokgy 25% 16% 7% WHO'S HARD TO FIND? Even when unemployment is high, companies are having trouble finding skiled specialists. If you aren't finding jobs in your current field, kok at the positions that businesses are having trouble filing. What would it take for you to move in that direction? Incresse your odds by devekoping skills that aren't tied to a particular industry for instance, companies in every industry nesd accounting and IT specialsts. "I% pnded Oh 10N ddnet rpand HOW ARE YOU HIRING NEW EMPLOYEES? RPO 1N KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN Contiroent SOw Ful-ime hire 62s 62% Drect 15% Contingent Employees 13% hdependent Contractors Contromt Stutrg 19% HELP WANTED Dired hiring remeins the most common way employers buid their workforce, but don't put all of your eggs in one basket: Companies use a variety of methods to buid their teams, s0 use a variety of methods to get on their radar. Independent Corfatos 13 Remember: Contingent work isn't always temporary. Some companies bring on contingent employess to assass performance, and hire the people who can prove themselves. % gendad c dd nat rspand Understanding what companies are looking for-and how they're looking-gives you an advantage over other job seekers. If you want more than just "a job", you need to be proactive about capabilities and your career. Wishing isn't enough-itrequires doing. VOLT 02012 Vot hoemation Soluncun, Inc. All ights naarved.

What are Hiring Managers Thinking?

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Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a hiring manager? We asked 1,300 hiring managers five questions about finding and keeping new employees. Here's what they told us.




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