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What Are The Different Types of Stocks?

What are the Different Types of Stocks Cermmen Vs Preferred Stecks type I Common Preferred Voting Rights Preference in Dividends Preference in Assets during Liquidation Callability Nature of Dividends Variable Fixed Companies can also customize different classes of stock like "Class A" or "Class B" to keep voting power with a certain group. Growth Vs Valus (hcome) Stacks type 2 Growth Value/Income Sometimes Share Price Appreciation known as "blue chip" stocks. Dividends Stability $ Maturity Factor il Stocks based on Market Cap type 3 Classifying stocks by market cap allows investors to target growth vs. value stocks. grouped into three sectors based on market cap. Stocks are Small Cap Stocks Large Cap Stocks Medium Cap Stocks Growth Stocks Value Stocks Market Cap > 2Bn 2Bn - 1OBN IOBN ll ll Risk Factor Speed of Growth Stocks based an Indusiry Sector type 4 In addition to market cap, stocks are also grouped by industry sector. Investors can make decisions based on the behavior of other stocks in a particular industry. 1. 2. 3. Basic Materials Companies that extract natural resou Conglomerates Global companies that are multiple industries. Consumer Goods Companies that provide goods to sell at retail to the general public. 5. 6. Financial Healthcare Healthcare providers, as well as health insurance, medical equipment suppliers and drug companies. Industrial Goods Companies that provide goods to sell at retal to the qeneral public. Banks, insurance and real estate. 7. 8. 9. DO0000 000000 Services Technology Computer, software and telecommunications. Utilities Companies that get the products to the consumer. Electric, gas and water companies. Stock derivatives type A stock derivative is a derivative (contract) between two or more parties whose value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset, which is a stock. CON TRACT CERTIFICATE STOCK Derivatives are complex and risky vehicles for investment by individuals. TIM TIMOTHYSYKES.COM SOURCES: I 2||-Types-Of-Stocks.htm 3. D0ODDO

What Are The Different Types of Stocks?

shared by eshagoyal24 on Mar 28
This infographic illustrates what types of stock are there in the market; which types of stock come with unique privileges, varying levels of risk, income and growth potential; why some stocks appeal...


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