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What are the Different Functions of Fuel System Components?

HEA SERVICE AND SALES WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS OF FUEL SYSTEM AUTO REPAIR COMPONENTS? Fuel system is responsible for supplying fuel into the internal combustion engine. А. To create the combustion power, fuel mix together with air and ignite the mixture. В. Car Fuel system has several different components to make the process like: С. o Fuel tank o Fuel filter o Fuel pump o Fuel lines • Fuel injectors Perform routine maintenance and make sure that D. they are in good condition. BELOW POINTS DEFINE THE FUNCTIONS OF DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF THE FUEL SYSTEM. FUEL 01 FILTER Engine needs clean fuel for functioning properly and keep running smoothly. • Fuel filter can block the dust particles and contaminants of the fuel entering the engine. FUEL 02 LINES • Fuel lines in a fuel system define the fuel travel from one component to another. • Thus, the fuel lines are used for transferring fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. FUEL 03 PUMP • Fuel pump is positioned in the middle of the engine and fuel tank in old cars. • In general, the fuel pump is used in cars for pumping the necessary fuel into the engine. FUEL INJECTORS 04 • Modern cars have fuel injectors that are controlled by electric sensors and computers. • When you step on the gas pedal, a small electric valve is a signal to open the chamber. FUEL 05 TANK • Fuel tank can store the fuel which is pumped into the internal combustion chamber. • Thus, the fuel tank can contain the fuel pump and emissions technology inside it. CONCLUSION • Fuel system of the car is comprised of several functions to perform it smoothly. • Maintain all the components of the fuel system to make the car running.

What are the Different Functions of Fuel System Components?

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For the smooth functioning of the engine, the fuel system supplies the proper amount of fuel to the internal combustion engine. Thus, the fuel is mixed with the air and ignites the mixture by the spar...


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