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What’s Distracting People at Work in the MENA?

What's Distracting People at Work? in the Middle East and North Africa Do you feel distracted at work? How often do you end your work day with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment? Learn how to organize your day while staying focused. 6in10 professionals in the MENA see distractions as a very big problem at work. TOP DISTRACTIONS AT WORK 18% 25% Colleagues Social media 10% 10% 8% Non-task-related work Checking news sites 3% Emails 4% YouTube Instant Messaging 22% say all of the above! "Distraction is the most corrosive disease of the 20th century. - William James (Psychologist) FIVE FOOL-PROOF WAYS To COMBAT DISTRACTION AT WORK 1. Get enough sleep 2. Organize your day 67% of professionals say they rarely feel tired or sleepy at work. To be mentally alert at work make sure you are well rested at night. 45% of professionals plan their tasks a week in advance, with four in 10 planning them every morning. Make sure to start your day or week by listing out the important tasks to be completed to help you stay focused. 3. Make a to-do list 4. Switch off 94% professionals use to-do lists to organize their day. A good tip is to make your to-do list for the next day just before you leave. Also, make sure you cross-out finished tasks from your list by end of the day while adding the remaining on your next day's task list. 59% of professionals take short breaks from work only once or twice a day, while 19% take the recommended break-time every 2-3 hours. A good idea is to take a break by stepping physically away from the desk - get some fresh air, listen to music, or talk to a friend. Find something that helps you recharge. 5. An eye on the big picture 85% of professionals have their long-term goals set in sight when they go about their day. Assess yourself by end-of-week by asking how far you have accomplished your long-standing goals. A PROFESSIONAL’S WISH-LIST TO ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS Based on what professionals in the region want, management can introduce the following changes in order to reduce distraction at work: 30% More professional work environment 23% Better wwork/life balance 21% More challenging work 14% Higher salary 7% More diverse work 4% Better physical workspace Has the recent news coming from neighboring countries affected your efficiency at work? 31% Yes, I keep checking the news all day 13% 27% 29% Yes. I have a general Slightly. I check No, not at all the news but it sense of hasn't affected my anxiety efficiency much BREAKING NEWS БӘУЕ Data taken from the 'Distractions at Work in the MENA' poll, December 2013. For more research and reports on the Middle East, visit: The Middle East's #1 Job Site Ш1

What’s Distracting People at Work in the MENA?

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In order to evaluate the impact of distractions at work in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has conducted the ‘Distractions at Work in the MENA’ poll.




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