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Welcome to the painful complexity of connected car contracts

BearingPoint. Institute Welcome to the painful complexity of connected car contracts In comparison to a car buyer, the connected car buyer faces a mountain of contracts to sign. *See how long it takes to wade through: 2hrs 32 mins Connected car 24 mins Unconnected car 36 mins Apple iTunes Average length of T&Cs: 7,336 words 1hr 26 mins Shakespeare's Macbeth Average length of agreements and other third-party policies: Average vehicle sale agreement, vehicle finance agreement: 4,818 words 17,121 words 30,492 words Breakdown of agreements: • Vehicle sale agreement • Vehicle finance agreement • Vehicle manufacturer T&Cs for balls. Anes to the Remote Smartphone crack of dhakes ch to the Services; hanges will be nod to you by e-mail.ectre forown d vou may terminate yr Services in the lude e priline stret Terms or the p will be Owner of your Vehicieointsat them adj: By tcumsto Hay old balls to you are th sto utWitch Asir, all ths so: but w will re any amounts ters carrat any changesto these Terms o connected services ng which we will provide the Sest of our delights courntry or quthorised de purposes. Aou perform your antic round: Thre-mail 4service will b vise you that efore set-upnd then tanish, with Heonsible, for aho will ional tax obGone? Let this pernicious hour Staces will end on the expiry date o beyond thill? MACBETH Saw you theayments due to iTunes arelord. MACBETH Came they not bses 14 or 15. In the case of "SOS will be ablemn'd all thee that trust them Right of cancellation of horse: who was't came by? LEN dealers. Information on how to sto and use ced to EnglandENNOX Ay, my goodss, iTunes Pasme, thou anticipatest my dread eically if you remove your Vehicle OWN OR USE YOUR VEHI onal informori 5.1 The terms of aury firstlings of m, heart shall be The firstline.ces puhdrd And even now, To crown my f form part of these Terms and ap arefully. 5.2 In order to provide you with the ices it is necessary for use to the edge o' the sword His wife, his babes.nd all unforttnate souls That trace hirll always track the last parked locc ty cannot be switched off by you), however, yoan turn off the journey trackhtsl-Where are these gentlemen? Come, bring me where they are Exeunt SCENE Imote Smartphone App which will the Vehicle (except for the, to make him fly tho land? ROSS You must have patience, madam. LADY MACIOptimised Assistance" or the "InCo the relevant service provs You know not Whether it was his wisdom or his fear. LADY MACDUFF Wisde lourneys. Please note that the and • Vehicle manufacturer privacy policy for connected services enew (as d Dcte is shown o website. 4.4 Please be aw **Third party applications T&Cs and privacy policies ation" (as defined in the Privacy Policy) from being tivated, real-time location data relating to the Vel anctions will be activated automatically upon the oc nt trigger event such as He loves us not; He want. the natural touch: for the poor wren, The most dipur vehicle's airbags respectively. For elevant trigger events please refer to the Vehicle handbook. By accepti-ig these Terms you consent to the us As little is the wisdom, where the flight So runs against all reason. ROSS right to withdraw, your consent to u ation data relating ervices, you con tivated until the ent t up process is cor an authits o' the season. I dare notpeak much further, But cruel are the timenger be able to receive the.Servi e Vehicle with personal data that we collect frvyou at any tim us using data in accordare with our Privacy icy. 6 Your u You we fear, But float upon a wild.and violent sea Each way and move es available from the User Guide will rnot be long but I'll be here agai.: Things at the worst will ceasene Services for their intended use d sed yet he's fatherless. ROSS I am scmuch a fool, should I stosistance needs and the Se0 mins riving my leave at once. Exit LADY MACD JFF Sirrah, your fathg but not limited to regulations relating to up-twith worms and flies? Son With what I get, I megen information gs soon as possible via the w th anr? Poor birds they are not set for. My foher isuers have any obligation to enquire about the your ow will you do for a husband? LADY MAve.cannot be beld responsible for any unauthorise vacy Paith, With wit enough for thee Srwe collect andse data from the Vehicle); 6 (g) be addition, for "Live tonly be us or 150 mins the "S mergency C on to actual and/or suspec heft of in vehicles); (d) keep your pe al info mply wi our S password and PINS for your ices sec ential. Do no assword or PINS. You are resp le for Telated to th the Package in accordance wit ce Terms and are made aware of these Tem hicle. The Services shall in no wa titute insurance services; (h) ensure that you turnon the all traitors that do soour Vehicle is being erviced and turn on the "Transport Mo revent the theft alert from being ac This can be done via the Remote Smartpnone Apo mure website; (i) ensure that vu tu on the "Valet Mode" on your Vehic sible for use of the 'remember me' function that applies to certaintuof the Package. This function enables an is active any other person using the Ve .eable to view your stored settings, features a ive" or WiFi Hotspot on the Vehicle; () D ss to the features. Please be aware that whie Vou. V ould ensure the 'remember me' function is u users to have access; (k) only use the Conne Servi e20win a security breach or any unauthorised use of the Services; (m) be responsible for all Network Provid eriod or inclusive data plan where applicable). This includes any Network Provider charges for international datu da ta and/or the Wi-Fi Hotspot are enabled. 6.2 Some countries may prohibit or restrict the use of certain Se country in which you intend to use or mlnse Services. 6.3 You must not: (a) cop 60 mins of back-up or operational se where it is necessary for the whole o the Re *Based on average reading time of 200 words per minute with a typical comprehension of 60% **Average from US third-party agreements and data privacy policies totalling 14,955 words Source: BearingPoint Institute BEIO08-VCD-IN

Welcome to the painful complexity of connected car contracts

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In comparison to a car buyer, the connected car buyer faces a mountain of contracts to sign. See how long it takes to wade through.






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