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The Weight of Walmart

THE WEIGHT OF WALMART Walmart is more than Earth's largest retailer. The finances, footprint, and personnel of this behemoth dwarfs entire industries and countries. Walmart's epic 400+ billion annual revenues eclipse the GDPS of more than 170 countries, and its 2,100,000 employees would form the second largest standing army on the planet. LEARN ABOUT HOW WALMART IS FAR MORE MASSIVE THAN MOST REALIZE: 1. REVENUE Walmart's 2010 revenues were bigger than the revenues of America's largest oil company, largest manufacturer, and largest pharmaceutical company. WALMART'S 2010 REVENUES $421 BILLION EXXON MOBIL $354.6 BILLION CHEVRON $196.3 BILLION GENERAL ELECTRIC $151.6 BILLION PFIZER $67.8 BILLION (Even when combined, the revenues of Chevron, General Electric, and Pfizer still total less than Walmart's) If revenue were Walmart's national GDP it would be the 25TH LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD. I3D WALMART'S "GDP" 2X IRELAND'S 5X IRAQ'S 21X BOLIVIA'S ($421 BILLION) ($206 BILLION) ($81 BILLION) ($19.8 BILLION) 2. COMPETITION WALMART IS EARTH'S LARGEST RETAILER, with 5x the sales of the second largest U.S. retailer Costco, and 10x the sales of the largest online retailer Amazon. SALES 10X AMAZON 5X COSTCO WALMART Not stopping there, Walmart is also the largest grocer in the United States, with $129 BILLION IN GROCERY SALES ALONE. WALMART 1.5X 58X GROCERY SALES KROGER'S SAFEWAY'S WHOLE FOOD'S 3. GEOGRAPHY Lined up side by side, Walmart's warehouses would COVER ALL OF MANHATTAN'S 880 MILLION SQUARE FEET. MANHATTAN 5 MILES 20 MILES 60% of the U.S. population lives within 5 miles of a Walmart. 96% LIVES WITHIN 20 MILES OF ONE.

The Weight of Walmart

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
Walmart is the Earth's largest retailer, has over 2.1 million employees and makes a 400 billion revenue a year. This infographic explores how WalMart grew into such a force in the industry.


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