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Web Hosting Server Comparison Infographic

WHICH ONE TO PREFER??? HOSTING SERVER COMPARISON Shared Server VPS Server Dedicated Server A Shared Server is Like a Group of A Dedicated Server is Like a Single A VPS Server is Like a few "MINIONS" "MINIONS" Together "MINION" A dedicated server is VPS provides high security. These Shared server is the the one in which programs allow the user owns the one in which many websites stay on the you to run several virtualized operating entire server. Its same server. It is more not shared with systems on one machine.While we anyone. It has only one user. economical option as it has low maintenance cost. It should have have one physical This is more flexible system administration as it has many users. than any other hosting, as it has full control over server, we can run several different virtualized operating systems on that one the server. server. 00 HOSTING RAJA TM No1 Web Hosting Company HOSTINGRAJA Shared Server VPS Server Dedicated Server *Privacy- As you *Cost Effectiveness: Shared Server is *Greater Reliability: It does not have don't share your OS with aпyone else, there are no other websites any risk of slow server performance, memory sharing, crashing done by any other site. usually offered at very economical server and thats on your server that potentially have access to your its big advantage. files.

Web Hosting Server Comparison Infographic

shared by monikaroy on Jul 30
What is Hosting Server? Our infographic explains it graphically. Shared Server, VPS Server and Dedicated servers. Get the information about Hosting Servers here.




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