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Ways to Reduce Smoke from Diesel Cars

BAVARIAN PERFORMANCE SPECIALISTS Ways to Reduce Smoke From Diesel Cars TO Diesel engines are known to create a lot of smoke. Smoke produced by a diesel engine is dependent on the size of the car. There should not be an excessive amount of smoke coming out consistently from your car. Here are the ways to reduce smoke from your diesel car. Air filter A diesel engine requires a certain amount of air to enter the combustion chamber. If the air is inadequate because of a clogged air filter, then there won't be enough air. This results in a mixture where there is more fuel & this causes more smoke. You need to inspect the air filter periodically & replace it whenever needed. EGR valve The EGR valve is used in modern cars equipped with a diesel engine.The valve recirculates the emissions from the engine back to the combustion chamber.If your EGR valve is failing, then it won't be able to recirculate the emissions.As a result more visible emissions & smoke will come out of your car. --- Engine deposits Carbon deposits accumulate in the combustion chamber of the diesel engine. You can reduce this by adding detergent packages to your diesel fuel. These detergents will clean the deposits from places like the combustion chamber. If these deposits accumulate, then they will cause smoke to appear. Conclusion Sometimes extra fuel causes smoke to emit during starting. However, it is better to take your car to an experienced shop for an inspection.

Ways to Reduce Smoke from Diesel Cars

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The smoke coming out of a diesel-powered vehicle’s tailpipe is nothing but a part of unburnt diesel. The working mechanism of diesel-powered engines is relied on compression ignition principle. If t...


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