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The Waypoint - for the Boating Industry

The Waypoint - for the Boating Industry In the last 20 years technology has changed how people travel for good. Today you can book online for Hotels, Flights, Tables, Vehicles and more. And they are spending billions, booking these trips every year... More people are traveling by Air than ever. 2012 3bn 120bn 103bn ($) 100bn 2006 2.5bn 69bn ($) 80bn 60bn 2bn 40bn 20bn 1.5bn travelocity 825.3m ($) #1229 Hotel booking sites have covered this need since the mid 90's. Expedia 4bn ($) 854m ($) #531 54m ($) #3581 #6902 KAYAK Late Rooms 292.7m ($) 20m ($) ORBITZ 5.2bn ($) #942 778.5m ($) agodo #2723 Hotwire 1442 4bn ($) 5.2bn ($) #172 5.2bn ($) 24.6m ($) airbrb #805 #843 # 2097 #927 46m ($) Cheapilghts #6820 As have Flight booking sites. travelocity skyscanner 825.3m ($) Trip Advisor 55m ($) #3280 # 1229 #21433 ORBITZ 778.5m ($) Expedia #14916 #1442 854m ($) Hotwire KAYAK 4bn ($) 24.6m ($) 292.7m ($) hipmunk #531 #3581 #2097 #942 Disruption has even occured in the food industry, with a host of Table & Meal booking websites. ZAGAT GOOG. buys 40m ($) #14,291 seatme Raising #447,355 OpenTable urbanspoon 161.6m ($) bookarestaurant. IAC buys 8m ($) # 190,512 #2707 #29,047 And these huge brands are only the tip of the iceberg, as the majority of hotel bookings are still made via brand sites. 3.7% 11.3% Retail website (HRS Bookings) Opaque site (buy without knowing brand) 19.5% Typical Hotel Booking site (Expedia, Travelocity etc) 65.4% Brand site i.e. Yet, this Revolution hasn't occured everywhere... The Marine Industry has been forgotten Maybe Boating is small and isn't worth the effort to innovate? 2$ Boating tends to be a middle-class recreational activity. 37% of Boaters have a household income of $75,000 or greater. Boating participants are more likely to be male (59%) and are typically younger than 5O (74%). More Americans fish/pleasure boat than play Basketball and Football combined. 12% No, Boating is big time and it's set to grow, so why hasn't it come online like everywhere else? A growing startup called The Waypoint has tackled this need. They've built an easy and coherent way to book unused boat slips. Expected growth of boating in the US through to 2014. 15%. of Marinas in the UK now take online bookings (1% in 2010) Before The Waypoint you could only book and pay for a slip in one marina in the UK. 80% But to achieve 15% across the key markets shown below we're going to need help. UK marinas are only Occupied in 2013 83m Boaters 36m Boaters 2.6m Boaters 1.25m Boats* 4.58m Boats* 439k Boats 1.9bn ($) Marina & Storage Spend 6.13bn ($) Marina & Storage Spend 588m ($) Marina & Storage Spend + Over 26 feet/8 meters Northern Europe and Scandinavia 3,750 Marinas / 750k Slips North America 12k Marinas / 472k Slips Mediterranean 750 Marinas / 400k Slips + High English usage & boating activity Singapore & Philippinest Australia & NZ 490 Marinas/ 66.5k Slips South Africat We're looking for mentors, angels, funding & time-travellers... But what if you could travel back in time and invest in Priceline or Expedia? Where would you be today? For more information email us - [email protected] Sources: - Global Online Travel Report 2012 National Marine Safety Committee - National Boating Usage Study NMMA Global Recreational Boating Industry Analysis and Forecast 2010-2015 BMF Watersports Participation Survey 2012 BMF National Survey on Marina Berths - Powered by: THE WAYPOINT 1994 · 2006 1994 1994 | 2012 000 H0007 000 9007 9007 9007 2012 | 2012 2012 of

The Waypoint - for the Boating Industry

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The Waypoint is a patented disruptive new boating technology platform; - Allowing boaters to book empty slips online/mobile in real time - end to end. - The Nautical Almanac provides a shelf's wor...


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