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Waste in The Office

LEAN OFFICE INÑOVATION WASTE m the OFFICE Eradicating waste is important In the office, waste can masquarades 90% because up to 90% of all as productive work. office process steps are waste. INFORMATION WASTE Converting formats PROCESS WASTE Data dead ends Approvals OF ALL Data discrepancies Lack of usefullness WORK Bottlenecks Manually checking electronic data Communication Barriers Metrics / measures Competition (within the organization) Missing data Re-entering data Redundant data inputs Defects DONE IN Extra features THE OFFICE IS Unavailable data Handoffs Unclear or incorrect data Incompatible systems WASTE Unknown data Incomplete work Unnecessary data Inspections Multitasking These are some of wastes PEOPLE WASTE Reviews as they appear Ineffective meetings Rigid hierarchy Shadow systems in the office Lack of project management Searching Lack of training Lack of useful feedback Signatures Task switching PHYSICAL Mishandled conflict Unnecessary complexity ENVIRONMENT WASTE Relearning Useless information Interruptions Turnover Variable flow in process Moving / transportation Unclear roles Waiting / delays Unsafe conditions Unclear sponsorhip norms & boundaries Workarounds Underutilized talent Emotional waste: unnecessary frustation, stress WHY the FOCUS on WASTE? That means, if you focus on improving value-added work, with a new computer system or more people, for example, then you don't get much improvement overall. But when you focus on eradicating waste, big things happen. 50% 50% of NVA of VA .doesn't yield much in the way of overall improvement. 50% improvement 50% improvement in value-added work (VA). ..yields a much bigger impact on capacity, speed, lead times, quality, and customer and employee satisfaction. in non-value-added work (NVA). Non-Value-Added work Value-Added work Improvement focus Improved work

Waste in The Office

shared by elangelangelang on Sep 04
A design proposal for Lean Office Innovation. Showing the types of unproductive works or non-value-added works in the office reffered as "office waste" Lean Office Innovation pointed out that a compa...




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