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Want More Engaged Employees?

WANT MORE ENGAGED EMPLOYEES? OCCUPY MEETINGS Multiple screens and our "always on" mentality have created a disengaged workforce and according to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Despite the distractions and frustrations, employees are hopeful for ways in which they can maximize their work. WE'RE WASTING TIME More than a third More than half of workers attend of workers spend 1-3 4-10+ meetings per week hours per week in meetings 92% 57% confess to multi-tasking during meetings say they multi-task most often on phone conferences we have no shame in the tasks we are willing to do during meetings: 69% 49% 44% 44% have side conversations eat check email do other work WHAT'S AT STAKE Impact of low employee engagement is estimated to cost the U.S. economy roughly $450 billion to 550 billion a year. High employee engagement is actually critical to a company's performance, and according to Gallup, it impacts key performance outcomes in these ways: 22% higher profitability lower absenteeism 37% profitability 21% higher productivity higher customer metrics 10% HELP WANTED fewer patient 41% safety incidents turnover 65% lower turnover (in low-turnover organizations) 48% fewer safety incidents fewer quality incidents 41%% (work product defects) safety VIDEO CAN HELP Prevent Distraction 16% vs. 4% Workers indicated that they were most likely to multitask during phone and in-person meetings. confess to being distracted during video conferencing in-person Put Your Best Mind Forward Break Down Geographic Boundaries said they conduct more prep on the items to be covered and research would have deeper engagement with other employees and feel more comfortable working in remote offices more often if using video conferencing 63% 67% at tendees prior to video conferencing Collaborate Through Video 27% 66% 18% Video conferencing delivers greater employee engagement use video conferencing for all hands/team meetings use it for use it for company announcements one on one meetings How Video Conferencing Can Work For You Increased Employee Engagement Improved Productivity Improved Decision Making Improved Profitability Sources: This poll was conducted exclusi vely for FuzeBox by SurveyMonkey Audience []. The 2,610 respondents were randomly selected and are a representative national sample of Americans. They completed the online FUZEBOX survey on November 19th-20th, 2013. Our reported data has a 3 percent margin of error with a 97 percent confidence level. Because of rounding, some percentages may not add up to 100 percent IN

Want More Engaged Employees?

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Studies show the vast majority of workers globally are disengaged in their jobs. There are many factors impacting engagement, but providing more engaging collaboration tools can help bring better focu...




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