Want To Hit Ecommerce Gold?

Want To Hit E-Commerce 24 Gold? Online retail continues to grow in leaps and bounds, with the worldwide e-commerce sales reaching $1.471 trillion in 2014. The reasons for this astounding growth: The technology develops and evolves, becoming even more accessible and easier to use. Consumer behavior grows and moves with these advancements. A wider scope of shoppers, ranging from tech-savvy millennials to their now digital-literate baby boomer parents and grandparents, are making purchases via the Internet. %24 Online spending is also booming, with emerging economies prepared to spend in an unprecedented manner (Asia is predicted to represent 1/3 of global online spending with $502 billion in spending this year). 502 billion Web shopping platforms such as Shopify make e-commerce business building easier than ever, attracting more companies to take their business online. Whether your venture operates entirely online or you're maintaining a 100% brick-and-mortar business, it's helpful to be in touch with today's e-commerce trends so you can fine-tune your e-commerce website and strategy for best results. Go B2B 50% 50% of B2B companies say their business customers are making purchases through their consumer website or its equivalent. Make sure your shopping website offers a world-class experience to nurture the loyalty of company decision- makers. Make it multichannel 2014 $325 B $235.4 billion were made through mobile payments last year, and research estimates this figure to rise up to $325 billion this year. Make sure your customers can shop seamlessly through their preferred devices (computers, smartphone, tablets etc.) by using a platform such as Shopify that has a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. 2013 $235.4 B Cross the online-offline divide 44% of retailers are now offering click and collect while 8% offered reserve and collect in store. 25% more physical shops now offer free in-store Wi-Fi. People go to physical stores to check out the products then go online to buy. These stats show people are using both online and offline channels. Use these two sales platforms with the right e-commerce setup. 44% 8% Prep for the perfect timing 11.84% of traffic arrives on Sundays – a low compared to 15.59% on Wednesdays and 15.77% on Thursdays. These surprising stats reveal people visit their favorite online shopping haunts more during weekdays than on weekends. Make sure 11.84% Sunday 15.59% Wednesday your promos are scheduled strategically and that your website is running efficiently and smoothly no matter what time and date of the week people take a peek. 15.77% Thursday Love your loyal visitors New Returning 5 minutes and 31 seconds is the average length of time a returning visitor spends on your site. That's over 100% more time spent than a new visitor's average 2 minutes 31 seconds length of visit. Give your returning customers a special level of focus and attention that reflects the time investment they put in every visit. Customize your website to target loyal visitors and nurture your relationships with them. Let Shopify handle all the hassles of e-commerce. Make the process even more convenient through the Completely- Done-For-You Shopify E-Commerce Site service Designed by superfastousiness Sources: Increase-Nearly-20-2014/1011039

Want To Hit Ecommerce Gold?

shared by superfastbusiness on Oct 08
In this infographic, stats show the current trends of e-commerce and useful tips seek to help you achieve online sales success for your business.


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