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WAL MART: A Game of Monopoly

WALMART A GAME OF MONOPOLY Wal-Mart it is more than just a store with good deals and the converience of one-stop shopping Their presence stands huge and looming over almost every town, like giant golden-faced idols of cheap goods and cyclc consumption Their structures are the Washington Monuments of retal theyre huge. theyre surrounded by old people, and theyre the architectural equivalent of a guy dropping his pants and yelling "MINES BIGGER ...So did you ever wonder what goes on beneath the low low prices and smiley-face logo? TO FIND OUT, START ON |GO ALL STARTS WITH GO Holy Hangover. Batman $30 Million Bucks ust for passing GO Let's all get drunk and get LAID Collect $30 Million subsidy as you pass. SUBSIDIES AVE In the United States alone, Wal-Mart subsidies add up to approximately $1.008 Billion annually. This money would normally go to things like schools, parks, and fire services; but instead it becomes free money for Wal- Mart to open their stores up in new towns. THIS HAPPENS Here's your subsidy money Wal Mart I had to cut all the Frst the McDonalds and now THIS Wel finally be lke a real town fundng to our schools to get it YAY LOL DONT CARE MAYOR NEXT: HE AD OVER TO CHINATOWN CHINATOWN The next step is to outsource all production to exploitative sweatshops in China. This will make it virtually impossible for the local com- petition, (who have worry about things like unions, minimum wage, and child labour laws) to compete with your low low prices. In 2004 alone, Wal-Mart imported over $18 Billion from China. This number is thought to be increasing every year. Cost for Wal-Mart factory assembly $0.18 Remember, kids Smley face Guy says work hard or starve Retal cost at Wal Mart $14.96 Average hourly wage of Chinese worker 57¢ CHEAP PLASTIC CRAP-CO "If it breaks, theyll buy another oner (Some of these workers are so poor they have to lve in freakn cages Seriously Google Hong Kong - Cage Dwellers - YouTube") NEXT STOP: MAIN STREET MAIN ST Round the coner on to Main Street to bankrupt the local competition. This usually results in severe damage to the local economy within a short amount of time. Stores will close; Downtown will become a ghosttown. Alterwards, with fewer jobs, less money, and an increase in desperation around town, demand for cheap goods naturally goes up! This means more people shopping and/or working at Wal-Mart, It's like the circle of lifel! In a study done in Iowa, it was estimated that the average small business experiences losses of up to 54% when a Wal-Mart opens up in the same town WAL-MART CHILO LAEOUR HAMERS ONLY $3 MA + PA'S HARDWARE SHOP OUT OF BUSINESS MA + PAS SALE ON HAMMERS $15 TIME 4 SOME FUN FACTS: • Wal-Mart recently became the largest global company in the world, beating their previous position as third largest behind Shell and Exxon Mobile. (Presumably, they all got together and decided the matter over a giant EVIL competition in a hollowed-out Volcano lair.) • Wal-Mart has more wealth than most countries. With an annual profit of $4056 Billion, Wal-Mart makes more than the total GDPS of such Nations as Iran, Eqypt, and Saudi Arabia. (So don't be too surprised next year when Wal-Mart buys the pyramids and converts them into a giant summer home.) • The Waltons alone, la family of 5) have more personal wealth than the entire bottom 30% of the US population combined (I can't even think of a funny comment for that one. It's just obscene.) AND YET. Their conditions for working people are more than just bad theyre actually SUCKING DOWN standards all around the world. (Because to compete with Wal-Mart, you basically NEED to run a sweatshop) POVERTY LANE Wal-Mart is responsible for driving down retail wages by $4.7 Billion Dollars annually. Instead of paying a decent wage, they rely on public assistance; Wal-Mart costs US taxpayers an extra $1.6 Billion Dollars every year in public assistance programs like low cost housing, food stamps, and Medical programs. Wal-Mart's full time status doesn't begin until 34 hours a week; and even at that, it is corporate policy to always keep the number of full-time employees down. US Federal Poverty Level - $17650 Wal Mart Sales Wages $1384 WAL-MART'S ANTI-UNION COSTS $1,000 ANTI-UNION CAMERA PACKAGE (per store) $30,000 UNDERCOVER SPY VAN (per store) ANTI-UNION CAMERA SI00,000 av hour ANTI-UNION HOTLINE $1,000,000 Rapid resporse team with CORPORATE JET Wekome to Wal-MArt, KILL ME) Welcome to Wal-Mart. GILL ME) Must work Con't offord the medkal Have a nice day KILL. ME) ASK ME ABOUT OUR LOW PRICES It Gets Better: Wal-Mart has been sued multiple times for racially and sexually discriminating policies. With their record-setting profits, however, you might think that they could at least PAY OUT their low wages, but you'd be wrong. In a recent class-action suit in Texas, it was found that Wal-Mart cheated workers out of $150 Million Dollars in unpaid overtime wages. Chance GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL You're being sued for Millions in unpaid overtime and racial/sexual discrimination. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT MILLIONS IN SUBSIDIES. (LOL Just kidding. Get your republican friends to buy you out of it.) BEEP BEEP BEEP Oh man, that SUCKS. I haven't felt THIS lousy snce my Hgh School Reunion BEEP BEEP BEEP ANTI-UNTON CAMERA DID SOMEONE SAY UNION?!? BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BANG! TARGET ELIMINATED. THE END PS Most of these facts came from the phenomenal fim WalMArt The Hgn Cost of Low Prices UNION BUST RD POVERTY LANE GHOST TOWN MAIN ST SWEATSHOP DR CHINATOWN MONEY DR SUBSIDIES AVE

WAL MART: A Game of Monopoly

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WAL-MART: A Game of Monopoly looks at the largest corporation in the world through the eyes of everyone's favourite family game.


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